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"Hau Kola" Hello! My wish is that everyone's New Year has begun exactly the way you envisioned! If not, then do not worry...anything special in life will require constant belief even in the midst of a storm or what you feel might be a defeat. To #Win in life you must be able to face the storms that will come with an attitude that you refuse defeat and will not accept anything less than the best for your life! Speak success and victory over anything that attempts to stop you from attaining your dreams. You have to Hold On to your dream because many times the vision will be tested and only those who continue to believe, continue to fight, continue to refuse to listen to the negatives voices of doubt and despair  will be the ones always standing in the Winner's Circle!

tatanka. chris chavis
I want to take the time as always to thank #TeamTatanka Worldwide! As you either know me or getting to know me you will find out that I choose to inspire and encourage others daily! When you decide to live a life of speaking good things and encouragement then you will receive back in multiplication the love and encouragement that you gave out. I sincerely want to thank all of you who continue to send and post hundreds of messages daily from all over the world in how my words we're so needed at the precise time they we're given and how my words helped in a major way to overcome defeat and #Win

As always I never stay idle, if I'm not traveling the world wrestling, or making appearances, or speaking engagements then I'm home on business meetings that are very important. I'm really looking forward to the next stages of my life and one that will involve you all! If you don't know then I will tell you, I'm still on top of my game and by far not done yet with Professional Wrestling myself at all! Like I express all the time, "Never Stop Believing"! Even with all the great things that God has blessed me with I refuse to settle on the accomplishments of yesterday. Always climbing and going to greater heights as the proud Eagle and will be so excited for you all to share the next chapter of the life of the Native American Tatanka!

tatanka. chris chavis
Thank u Jazz!
Many important announcements...make sure you're following my Official Social Media Networks: My Official Website here at , Please visit & LIKE My Official Facebook Page at NativeTatanka & for up to date LIVE feeds please follow me on Twitter at NativeTatanka I post daily to my Twitter feed with all new announcements also on Facebook at NativeTatanka !!!

native tatanka, tatanka, chris chavis
native tatanka, tatanka, chris chavis
native tatanka, tatanka, chris chavis
As always, "Pilamia Yelo" Thanks
God Bless you!

The Native American Tatanka

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