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Alaska And More

Well first of all I hope all is going well with everyone reading this and that your dreams and goals you have set for 2001 are moving ahead with great success. This is a New Year and a time for us all to leave the past behind and move forward to the better and greater things that are awaiting us all. I ended my Christmas Holiday Season 2000 with my family and myself being invited to the man with the bat Wade Boggs himself. He hit 3000 hits with the last one being a home run while playing for the Tampa Devil Rays. Every year he has a big Christmas Party that has about 500 people at his home in Tampa and believe me; everything is done just right. For all you wrestling fans in attendance was Steve Keirn (Doink, Skinner, Gator Keirn), Brian Blair of The Killer Bees Tag Team, X Pac, and Bobby Heenan. Wade Boggs by the way is a big wrestling fan and has met most of the top stars of today so he really enjoyed having us all. In attendance also were many other celebrities from several different business fields. It was a great night with friends during a great time of the year!

Tatanka in Alaska
The last trip at the end of the year that I have not reported on yet is the one to Alaska. I have been to Alaska before with the WWF but did not go to these areas or have the days off to be able to do a little sightseeing like we did this time. If you like country and the open wildlife you must go to Alaska. It is like the last frontier of open wilderness. Animals are roaming all over the open lands and the scenery is just beautiful to the eyes and has such a peaceful presence. We have an awesome Creator God himself and there are certain areas in this world that reveal his true identity and Alaska is one of those places and the last place I felt this was at The Grand Canyon; another appreciation of what the Creator has given us. 

If you haven't been to Alaska during the winter make sure you bring your warm clothes for sure. One year for WWF during winter it was 80 below with the wind chill factor. It wasn't this cold on this trip but it was cold enough. Some of the great sights we saw were the Alaskan Pipeline, The Great Glaciers, Famous North Pole (the home of Santa himself), Mt. McKinley (the highest point in North America at 20, 320 FT. +), great wildlife, and of course I visited The Native American Tribes of Alaska and spent time with some of my native people. I have included photos for your viewing of some of these locations just mentioned.

The shows there were for WWA out of Charlotte, N.C. at the military bases at were awesome will filled houses and excited fans. I went into the battlefields of war with a great Superstar that needs no introduction "The Barbarian". Just like in Australia with the recent Pay Per View Event (Down Under) being showed all throughout the United States and world wide we gave the fans their money's worth and then some! It is always great and enjoying to go into battle with a warrior. One of the other names you would recognize from the tour is Sgt. Craig Pittman that wrestled at WCW.

As we come to a close I have also recently been invited to many celebrity and sporting events that many known names are at including Superstar wrestlers. One of the 3 functions I have been at recently is the NFL versus the AFL at the Tough Man Contest that is airing currently on TV. Many of the great football stars were there in attendance battling it out in the squared circle. Some of the names where Lawrence Taylor, Dexter Manley, Munoz, The Frig Perry and his brother and many other stars. In attendance as far as wrestlers where X Pac and also Hawk of The L.O.D. Tag Team. Second event was the Charlie Daniels Angelus Benefit Jan. 19-22 which included many celebrities in the music field such as Molly Hatchet, Exile, Montgomery Gentry, Marshall Tucker Band, T.W. Curtis, John Berry and many other groups. Representing the wrestling world was Hogan, Goldberg, Steve Keirn, Brian Blair, Brian Knobs of The Nasty Boys, and myself. Representing the Buccaneers was Mike Alstott and baseball it was the man Wade Boggs. It was a great night with my friends and also The Seminoles who are big sponsors each year for a great cause. The last event will be this Friday night which is the grand opening of Dan Marino's in Bay Walk St. Petersburg, Fl. This event will include Dan Marino and many NFL stars especially since the Super bowl is this weekend. Some of the others in attendance are Gary Sheffield and we have plans for Wade Boggs and his family to come down with also Brian Blair and his family. Many other Superstar wrestlers have been invited but we will let you know on the next commentary the outcome of this great-expected opening of Dan Marino's Restaurant and the final guest list that attended. Until then we wish you all the best and that you receive the desires of your hearts in 2001!

Thank you and God bless you,