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Updated Message from Tatanka
August 2, 2007

"Hau Kola" Hello! I want to start by thanking you the fans for all your support worldwide. It is truly amazing to receive emails from all over the world on a daily basis. 
In addition I would like to thank all the fans that sent me emails and ads for My Space account concerning my recent birthday. It sure is a pleasure to see that my fans know that I truly care and appreciate all their support worldwide.

Over the last few months since I asked for my release from WWE to pursue other interests I have been very busy. I want all my loyal Tatanka fans to know that I'm doing very well and staying on top of my game as far as wrestling and my physical conditioning. I have been wrestling and attending autograph appearances all throughout the US as far as the West Coast in California, scheduled as far North as Canada, been to the city of Wrestlemania 8 in Indianapolis, on the East Coast in New Jersey and all the way South to my own state of Florida. For promoters you can email my office at to receive information on booking me at one of your upcoming events. I thank all the promoters who email me on a daily basis and booking me for events in the US and internationally.

Legends of Wrestling Night @ Tampa Bay Rays Tropicana

With all the events I have already been present at my most enjoyable one was just recently right in my home town of Tampa, Florida that received nationwide coverage. The event was called the "Legends of Wrestling" and was scheduled in association with MLB and The Tampa Bay Rays Professional Baseball Team after their game with the Florida Marlins at Tropicana Field on May 18th, 2007.  It was a great cross over promotion that received noted coverage by ESPN and Sports Illustrated. A few others and myself were on Channel 9, 10, and 13, which is all of the major news stations in the Tampa Bay Area. We were also live on the number 1 sports talk show being 620 AM WDAE "The Sports Animal" with Ron Diaz and Ian Beckles of the Tampa Bay Bucs. We also received full coverage with the Tampa Bay Rays on their official website and also received a full-page newspaper ad in our local paper being the St Petersburg Times. It turned out to be a very successful event with the Rays wanting to schedule an additional event later this year and then next year when they face the Yankees. That will be a night, New York fans and Pro Wrestling! It also brought interest from several other MLB teams throughout the US that want to schedule the same event in their home towns.

For myself it was a great event not only because of the thousands of fans that showed up but also due to those who were involved. On the "Legends of Wrestling" card that night was the following. Mean Gene Okerlund as the announcer, Bret "The Hitman" Hart for appearances and to throw out the first pitch, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Brian Blair of the Killer Bees and current County Commissioner for Tampa, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine in a match versus Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, The Nasty Boys Brian Knobs and Jerry Saggs versus Rick Steiner and The Cuban Assassin with manager and valet Fantasy, and the great Warrior King Haku versus the Native American Warrior Tatanka. It was a great night to see my fellow workers who I have not seen lately and those that come from my era when I started this business in 1990 for training and then signed officially with WWF in 1991. I also enjoyed talking and spending time with Bret "The Hitman" Hart. The fans love Bret and many would love to see him wrestle again. Haku and I had a great match that night and Bret expressed to me it was getting him excited about stepping into the ring once again. You know Bret loves our business of professional wrestling and is truly a champion, a Hall of Fame Inductee and a Legend in our sport. Continue to follow my official website at or my official My Space website for updates concerning additional "Legends of Wrestling" events that could be coming to your town.

Christiana, Rhea, & Joseph

As far as my own tribe of children they are doing well and growing.  My oldest daughter Christiana just turned 11 and celebrated her birthday with a beach party that ended up just being a beautiful day in paradise on the white sandy beaches of Florida. Along with Christiana her sister Rhea will be celebrating her 5th birthday July 1st. My son Joseph turned 3 on March 6 and boy does he keep his sisters in line or at least thinks he does. Included with my commentary is a recent picture of all 3 of them. They are truly a blessing and they bring joy to my family and I.

I want you all to know that I'm not done with wrestling by a long shot. For those who have seen me lately you know I'm in excellent shape and can still go. I have truly been blessed to have started my career in 1991 and after all these years no major injuries and no evidence of age or wear or tear. I thank God for truly blessing me with vitality, strength, and youth and that the blood in my veins is truly Native American Blood that carries long life. As always I want to thank you the fans for all your loyal support. After my appearance in August 2005 at RAW I received over 1 million visitors in a few days at and after me asking for my release from WWE you the loyal fans expressed your thoughts and concerns and brought the same kind of traffic to my site again. I'm very happy to say that after only a very short while my official My Space website has accumulated a network that reaches currently over 186 Million. I thank all of my friends and their friends for such a network. I also want to thank you for making my figure "Ruthless Aggression" Series 23 a big success. JakksPacific expressed to me this Series 23 was a big success and that my figure was selling out everywhere. JakksPacific has discussed with WWE and myself about adding Tatanka to the CLASSIC FIGURE LINE. Keep your eye out in the future for a Classic Tatanka Figure but currently this Series 23 is doing awesome and I'm very happy myself about the results so from my heart to you goes all my thanks.

I would like to thank all the branches of our United States Military. Some of you might not agree with their mission but as Americans we must all agree that due to the service of our people in uniform we all have our freedom here in this great country of the United States of America. This country provides hope for people all over the world and it is our military today and those that served before that has given us this precious gift of freedom. So from my heart to yours I would like to thank our military for their loyal service and thank their families for their sacrifices because without you we could not enjoy the many benefits that this great country allows to all free Americans.

WWE Chris Benoit

In closing, my heart and my prayers go out to the Benoit Family.  When I received the news it was such a heavy burden on my heart. Chris and I were friends with a lot of respect for each other and we talked many times about our families on the road. In my travels on the road at WWE I was traveling with my close friend Rey Mysterio, Chavo, or the late Chris Benoit. Chris loved our business with a passion and always gave 100% in the ring and out of the ring he was a man that stood for respect and the old school way. Our business will miss him greatly along with his wife and son. It is such a tragedy to know his family and today to know his family is not here with us anymore. I send my deepest sympathy to all his fans and friends that will miss Chris Benoit and his family greatly. Life at times can bring thoughts of why? In times of trouble find your strength in those that love you and always cherish the moments you have every day to the best of your ability. May God who provides strength from above bless the family of Chris Benoit and all those that loved them. In all tragedies we must look for the good to gain knowledge and if there is anything to be learnt from this great loss is to remember that ONE DECISION CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.

"Pilamia Yelo" Thanks!

God Bless, "Tatanka"


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