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August 2009
You Are On Indian Land
"Hau Kola" Hello! Welcome to Native I hope you all enjoyed your holiday on July the 4th. For those of you who faithfully come to my site every week for years now you know that I'm not only just about wrestling. Yes, wrestling as far as my career has been and still is a blessing to my family and I but there are also many other important things that I'm involved in that I always enjoy sharing with you and hope that by sharing experiences in my life that it will also encourage, inspire, change, and help you with your dreams and desires.

Before going on I hope many of you took the time to read my July Commentary and also review our greatest treasure and symbol of our freedom, The Declaration of Independence. You would be surprised to know how many people have not read that important document of history at least one time to understand the price that our forefathers paid standing up to tyranny and that they put their lives on the line to declare that we will not stand by your laws of tyranny but will declare to you our Independence. Our forefathers were not only great leaders but great men and set a mark in stone in U.S. History. If you have never reviewed the Declaration of Independence it's archived in our Archive Section of Native Just Click Here to review it.

Tatanka in The Red Sea
I have chosen to take a little time off from wrestling but will be starting up again in August very soon. With all the contacts to my office for the remaining part of this year I will be very busy on the road with wrestling. Even though I have decided to take a few weeks off from wrestling I have in actuality been very busy with projects and it will only increase at this point. On May the 2nd in our city we fed 1,200 people and gave away over $4,000 in gifts all for FREE. Our main sponsor for this event and our most recent event on July 18th is WWE. They have agreed to work with me on-going with all the events that we are doing, which involves working with our communities and helping those in great need. If you missed this event when I advertised it on my site please Click Here to see video and pictures of the event with me involved. Our most recent event was again just recently on July the 18th, which we gave away clothes and shoes for FREE. The items were either brand new still with the tags attached or slightly used. We covered all ages from baby to toddler to teen to petit to adult. We approximately had over 6,000 items in stock and our ministry building actually looked like a Wal-Mart Store. People from all over Pinellas County came to receive a bag full of clothes or shoes per each family member. The line started to form shortly after 7 am, an hour and a half before opening. It was such a joy unspeakable to see such a large number of people show up. Approximately 1,000 plus showed up to the event and as the doors opened up all of our volunteers were there to help everyone with love and a serving spirit. As stated above our inventory was very large and included some new clothes and shoes and the rest was very gently used. We believe when you give something you give something of value as scripture teaches us! What truly blessed and moved us with great compassion is the people who came really needed what God provided to them through us. So many single people and families who were struggling financially, health issues, broken spirits and people on the brink of homelessness or who are homeless. Due to our last 2 events the City of St. Petersburg and the Mayor's Office has taken notice of us and we have now had meetings with certain individuals in the city and have joined hands together to reach out to those that are less fortunate than others. To see a flash movie presentation of this event with me involved please Click Here.
Native Spirit Dancer

The picture to the left is artwork of a Native American Spirit Dancer. My people have always believed in the spirit world and there is one true God, creator of all there is. They also believed the spirit of a man was key. My people teach to be kind to others, to respect other human beings and to always reach out a hand to help. The values that the First Americans held in their hearts and spirit were values from God above. Yes, being successful in our lives is very important and God wants us to have "the desires of our hearts" but if our lives is only about us all the time then really you are not living at all! You will not experience what God states in His word or that many know through out the world until you reach out and take your eyes off yourself and help someone not for what you can get from them but only because you truly want to help them and that is it. It is a joy you can't put into words until you do it and when you do you will realize and experience something you have never experienced spiritually. We are all called to walk this way! I will tell you by fact that when you decide to make this a way of life for you then now you can enjoy life to the "fullness" as God states in His word. People all over the world have acquired success and fame but also on the same hand they are unhappy, miserable, purposely destroying their lives and in some cases their lives are cut short. You can not fill that void inside of yourself with only personal success. The part of your spirit being that was put there by your creator can only be filled with one thing. In closing, it's truly amazing that when you give as the Word of God states it will be given unto you! So many blessings will flow to you without you having to lift a hand! Personally He has brought things to my family and I that we are still in awe of. The next time you see someone who needs help, does not matter what it is, your knowledge, a kind word, food, clothing, or maybe just an expression of love remember what you give out will come back to you in multiplication. You give nothing, you will receive nothing. Give blessings, blessings are on the way to you 100%. As always I have appreciated each and every one of you and my heart is to give you the truth and also the keys of the kingdom for your life. Put this to the test and see if what I have said will fall to the ground or if it will show itself true!

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Tatanka & Bam Bam Bigelow Feud
"Old School" WWF Feud with Tatanka & Bam Bam Bigelow "The Beast of The East"
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