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Well, hello again to all the loyal Tatanka fans and those serious wrestling fans surfing the # 1 Internet site for news, ScoopsWrestling.Com. The Australian tour even though it was cut short of a few days in Australia and The New Zealand portion was a great success. We started our tour in beautiful Sydney, Australia with 3 days off before getting down to serious business. We did have one day with all the press and camera's that a building could hold for the official press day to start the tour off in Australia. Those present for this special day was of course myself, Dennis Rodman, Mr. Perfect, L.O.D. Animal and Hawk, Public Enemy, One Man Gang, Barbarian, Typhoon, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake also known on tour as Brute Force. The press release was packed with all the top news, paper, and radio reps. Australia was in great expectation of this tour and had many questions during the press interviews. Needless to say it is a great market and has been awaiting for the stars of the wrestling world to bring the live shows to their country which this was the first tour in about 10 years plus that had been to Australia and that was the reason for the big attendance at the shows and the press interviews.

On the first three days off I was able to enjoy the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia with my family which I brought along for the tour. It is awesome to be there after seeing all the photos and advertisement in the United States of scenes such as the opera house which is that funny pointed building you always see from Australia in pictures, being at The Olympic Village where it will all happen very shortly for the 2000 Summer
Olympics, seeing the koala bears, kangaroos, and all the wildlife that the Down Under has to offer, and of course all the awesome shopping that Sydney has to offer and believe me my wife along with my daughter and I took advantage of the strength of the American Dollar and was busy buying for friends, family, and ourselves at the great shopping markets in Downtown Sydney.

All throughout the tour we stayed at the best and most luxurious hotels money could buy with 50 floor high rise towers at many of our stays. As far as the wrestling tour in general we wrestled at all the big buildings in the cities we performed at and even in Sydney we wrestled at Olympic Village with the real big venue instead of the smaller venue that W.C.W. will be performing at in the next upcoming months. All the houses were either sold out with the smaller venues of 7,000 seat arenas with even the larger venues in Sydney close to full with around 10,000 in attendance. The company in Australia headed by Andrew McManus did not hold anything back when it came to providing the lights, smoke, great entrance way and ramp with a fantastic backdrop and of course their version of the Nitro Girls between the matches for 2-3 minute dance presentations. The country of Australia really got a well produced show with a lot of top talent on the card.

Of course Rodman squared off with Mr. Perfect but as we all know Rodman is a great basketball player with a worldwide known name but he has just recently stepped into the squared circle of wrestling which left him and Perfect basically going at a street fight at times throughout the building and at times only going a few minutes as far as match time. Myself; I was squared off with One Man Gang to start the tour and not pushing myself but many fans have e-mailed me and made statements about my matches and also they have posted on my discussion area if you would like to view for your records what the fans had to say about Tatanka. I give all the glory to God who blesses me and my family for the great success I'm achieving. One Man Gang and myself literally tore the houses down with great matches and also a added plus I was crowned the first Superstars of Wrestling Australasian Heavyweight Champion which added fire to our matches since they were title defenses. One Man Gang was able to defeat me one night by breaking the rules with a foreign object in the ring after the referee got knocked out and after I had Gang beat with my finish "The Tomahawk Chop" off the top rope. The building was counting the 1,2,3 but the ref wasn't there until Gang got me with a foreign object but I was able to retain the title though. A few nights later we really ended up with our best match and our biggest pops with crowd response. I also squared off with Typhoon which of course is a very powerful and huge man but still left as the champion after the 1,2,3.

I ended the tour with an awesome match in Melbourne with the Barbarian that left the crowd so pleased they cheered for both of us as we gave them every bit of our energy and sweat to the last second when the referee counted the 1,2,3. I have a lot of respect for Barbarian as talent because he gave his all and is definitely a great talent and warrior in the squared circle. I left Australia still the Australasian Champion and as a matter of fact they gave me the belt since it was the first one done for Superstars of Wrestling which I valve and honor as another victory for Tatanka, his native people worldwide and of course last but not least all my loyal Tatanka fans!!!

Some of the other matches were L.O.D. against Public Enemy in a table match and of course like always L.O.D. are fan favorites worldwide. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake was headed up against Typhoon and also one or two other opponents throughout the tour. Paul Orndorff "Mr. Wonderful" was also in attendance with matches against One Man Gang and a few tag matches. Mr. Wonderful also helped with his experience in wrestling and was also hired on tour as basically the booker of talent and ran the matches and card each night.

Overall again the tour was a great success and it was disappointing that the last portion of the tour had to be cancelled due to serious injuries to talent that left several wrestlers from being able to finish the 19 shows that had been booked for the tour. The last part of the tour was awesome because we stayed 3 days in the Gold Coast of Australia which is close to The Great Barrier Reef in a beautiful resort and casino called Jupiters Casino. Everything you wanted was all near by with nightly shows at the casino, great food, great gym, beach within minutes to the open beautiful waters of Australia, and of course great shopping and movies with malls within minutes from the resort. This really finished the tour off nice even though I wanted to go to New Zealand. The news after the fact is there will be another tour on the horizon in the upcoming months with also talks of a worldwide tour in progress. I would like to thank Resort Live based out of Hollywood, Calif. for their professionalism and representing not only me but all the wrestlers with the local promotion in Australia. Of course I would like to thank all the super fans of Australia for your awesome support of Tatanka and believe me it does not go unnoticed or forgotten by this Native American because I'm on the rise again and all my fans will rise with this Native American to even greater heights then I have ever achieved in the world of Professional Wrestling and that is a promised prophetic word from this Native to the world! Most of all I would like to thank the true and only source of my success and give all the glory to God and his Son Jesus for the great success in Australia and every day in my families life! Before I go I sincerely want to thank the fans for their great feedback from the Australian tour. Here are just a few of the emails that I've received:

From: darren maddren
Date: 07/29/2000 6:19:19 PM
Subject: Thank you from Australia


I just wanted to let you know that I very impressed by your performance as part of the superstars tour in Brisbane. I grew up watching WWF from 1988 till around 1994, so for me last night was an opportunity to relive my childhood. After the event I was so pleased to be able to come over and get the autographs of my hero's. It is a shame that not all the wrestlers oblige their fans. Good luck in the future,
Darren Maddren

From: Jeremy Yuen
Date: 08/07/2000 8:23:11 AM
Subject: Great performance at Superstars of Wrestling

To Tatanka,
I would just like to say that I thought you did an excellent job at the Melbourne Superstars of Wrestling. It is always great to see you in action!The Tomahawk chop (onto Barbarian) was the highlight of the night for me, together with your autograph before the show. Keep up the wonderful work!
- Jeremy

From: pearcefamily
Date: 08/18/2000 8:29:18 PM
Subject: Hey dude

hey man well i was at the Melbourne show of sow and i loved your match it rocked. well done again and keep the good work up and i hope to see you in Australia soon
anthony pearce 

Thanks to everyone for writing in!

Until next time this is The Native American Tatanka signing off.