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Remembering Hawk

"Hau Kola" Hello! I hope all of you are well and successful in your everyday life's as you continue to strive at your personal goals and dreams you have established for yourself and those of you that have families. As far as my family and myself we are all well and continuing to finalize the goals and visions we have in our hearts for not only ourselves but others as well. I look forward to exposing to all of you at the proper time what I have been working on for a while not only by actual on hands work but also by learning and preparing not only mentally but also spiritually for the task at hand that we envision.  

L.O.D. Road Warrior Hawk
As we are already into the last quarter of this year it makes me realize again how valuable our time is with our loved ones and also using everyday to accomplish the things we have in our hearts and desire for our lives. Time continues to move on so make sure you take the opportunity to tell your parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse and children that you love them and that you appreciate them. I hope your last quarter and most of all the Holiday Season is a time to be happy and thankful for all the things in your life. As far as my family and I we love and appreciate this time of the year more than anytime of the year and enjoy the weather and the spirit the Holiday Seasons bring.

I want to thank all of the fans that responded to my survey concerning the things you like or dislike about the world of Professional Wrestling. We have archived every thought and suggestion from you the audience and you are the reason that myself and every wrestler goes out to perform every night at his best to get you the fans not only involved in our matches but most of all enjoying our performance to the max. Lastly I would like to send out to all the fans and most of all the family of Road Warrior Hawk our deepest regards concerning the lost of a great Superstar and member of the famous tag team Legion of Doom. My wife, children, and I have had the opportunity several times since leaving the W.W.F. to be involved on tour together with Hawk discussing the business and personal topics while on tour and we are so thankful for the time we spent together. It is never easy losing a loved one and our prayers and condolences go out to his wife Dale as well as his family, friends, and fans worldwide.

"Pilamia Yelo" Thank you and God bless!