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January 2010
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"Hau Kola" Hello from Tatanka and my family! I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2010! The Season of Christmas along with bringing in the New Year for my family and I was truly a blessing in which I thank God for at all times. As the New Year has now begun please remember that time continues to go and we can never get back the time that passes so please enjoy your family, your loved ones, and make the most of the greatest gift we have been given from above, which is life itself and the ability to pursue happiness.

Yes; there are times in which we all go through trials but with the right mindset the fire we go through only makes us stronger and prepares us for greater things. There is no replacement for gaining true wisdom. We have all been created for success so always know that you are special and that you yourself matter. Billions of people in the world but we all have a different fingerprint....have you ever thought about that one statement? Proof that each one of us matters and that we are loved by a creator God Himself and he desires for our lives to be full of joy, happiness and the abundance of all things! Start this year off right and pursue your hearts desires with all your ability and show all those around you especially your family that you love and care for them. You do not know what tomorrow brings so make the most out of today!

I'm very thankful for the latest development in my wrestling career as you all know by now. TNA contacted me personally in December to appear at The TNA Impact Zone for television tapings. My opponent on Tuesday, December 8th was the highly talented Jay Lethal known as "Black Machismo" The storyline behind Jay Lethal is he portrays Randy "Macho Man" Savage to the tee and he has challenged the Legends of Professional Wrestling in an Invitational Match on TNA Impact viewed on SPIKE TV every Thursday at 9 PM. My match was aired Thursday, December 17th on SPIKE TV and was an excellent match with the talented "Black Machismo" but when the dust settled in the battleground of the TNA Impact Zone the Native American Tatanka was victorious which left "Black Machismo" realizing why they call us Legends of Professional Wrestling. For those of you that missed it just scroll down and view the Official You Tube Video of our match at TNA Impact Zone. Stay tuned for official announcements here at!
TNA and Tatanka
As always, "Pilamia Yelo" Thanks
God Bless you!

The Native American Tatanka