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Updated Message from Tatanka
July 2008

"Hau Kola" Hello! I wish the very best to you the fans who continue to support and follow me at wrestling events and autograph sessions worldwide. Thank you also for your support for the Official Tatanka MySpace Page.
Since my last update on March 2008 I have been very busy worldwide on events. Just to bring you up to date since March 1st, 2008 I have traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a wrestling event with World Pro Wrestling at the Sky City Casino in Acoma, New Mexico. This took place on Native American Sovereign Lands for the Pueblo Natives. It was a sold out event with 99.9% of the audience consisting of Native Americans. I followed this event up with an event in the homelands of WWE being in Connecticut for Big Time Wrestling. This event was very enjoyable for me because we did have a very large crowd and it also brought back memories of the 90's with a match against Doink The Clown. It was very clear with the response of the fans that night that the fans still love and desire the great story telling matches of the 90's with characters.
Tatanka Poster Board
After my events in March I then took off the first week of April for a tour to Switzerland and the United Kingdom that lasted 2 weeks. My time in Switzerland was very enjoyable due to the fact that I had been to Zurich before with WWE but this time I had time to do some sightseeing and just enjoy the beautiful country of Switzerland with the breathtaking Swiss Alps, awesome restaurants, and friendly people. The photo shown here is the Swiss Promoter Thomas Heri and I at my hotel named the Lowen in Zurich, Switzerland.
Thomas & Tatanka @ Zurich Hotel
This photo was taken prior to us leaving for the event on April 5th, 2008. I'm very happy to announce as Thomas Heri was also that this event drew the largest crowd ever in Switzerland, which of course was a blessing for me being in the main event that night and labeling Thomas Heri as the number one promoter in Switzerland. During my time off in Zurich I was able to visit the downtown business area and actually do some business with world known major banks such as UBS and Credit Suisse that hold most of the wealth in the world in Swiss accounts. I was also able to visit the private banking division of Credit Suisse. After visiting several historic areas in the downtown area we spent time shopping and eating at some of the great restaurants in Zurich, Switzerland.
Thomas & Tatanka with Swiss Alps in background
On my next day we took the whole day to visit the Swiss Alps and believe me it is a beautiful ride on the highway from Zurich to the Swiss Alps. The landscapes are absolutely beautiful with the backdrop of the Swiss Alps with the European looking homes at the base of the mountains. I have been to many mountains in the United States but the Swiss Alps have their own beauty. These mountains are not a gradual climb as most mountains are in the US but actually have a steep climb that is almost at a 90 degree angle with sharp peaks at the top that gives the Swiss Alps what they are known for. In one photo are Thomas and I standing in the snow with the back drop of the massive Swiss Alps behind us. In the additional photo shown Thomas and I are standing on a frozen lake that runs between the Swiss Alps that are shown behind us. The peaks of these mountains behind us were just beautiful as those arose into the heavens with the snow peaked tops above the clouds. This is a site that you must all see with your own eyes the beauty of what God created.

Thomas & Tatanka on Swiss Alps Frozen Lake
Tatanka in Swiss Alps Ravine
The other photo shown here is myself in a ravine in the Swiss Alps where the melted snow and rain water flow from the top of the mountains. The water is crystal clear, cold, and has a beauty all to its own as it flows from the top peaks of the Alps. After spending some great time in the Swiss Alps we made our way down to a very small village at the base of the mountains to a restaurant that all the locals eat at. It was absolutely beautiful with its finished high gloss wood work and big open glass windows that gave an awesome view of the Swiss Alps. This restaurant was right at the base of the mountains and with the very exclusive setting and candlelight dining it touched off the evening just perfect. The food in this restaurant was absolutely amazing and the reason people from all over the world visit it. My time in Switzerland was absolutely pleasurable. I look forward to my future trips there and I would suggest to any of you looking for a vacation in Europe Switzerland should definitely be at the top of your list.

From my time off in Switzerland I then flew to the United Kingdom for a week of events with All Star Wrestling owned by Brian Dixon. As always Brian has very successful events with mostly sold-out arenas all throughout the United Kingdom. It was a pleasure to see some of the British wrestlers and others involved with All Star Wrestling. As always I thank Mr. Dixon and his family for another successful tour in the United Kingdom and look forward to other events in the near future. Following my Europe tour I arrived back in the United States just prior to my event following the Tampa Bay Rays MLB game against the Chicago White Sox. This was our second event with the Rays and it turned out to be a much larger crowd then last time. The autograph session prior to the game had to be cut off due to the massive lines and even after cutting off the lines we still never got to the last person in line for autographs. This game along with our cross promotion of wrestling drew 20,000 to the game that night and afterwards it was estimated that 10,000 + stayed for the wrestling matches. I faced Screaming Norman Smiley who was WCW's Hardcore Champion and also featured in Mexico and defeated him in the opening match. Some of the other talent there that night was Ax and Smash of Demolition, The Nasty Boys, Big Poppa Pump, and other stars. Again the executives of the Tampa Bay Rays were very excited and happy about the great turnout that this cross promotion drew. The following week I was off to Michigan for World Pro Wrestling again at one of the most noted Native American Casinos in the United States, Soaring Eagle Casino. I'm not a gambler at all but if you would like to see a beautiful casino this is one of the top rated Native Casinos in the states. The event that night had a very full house with their arena holding about 2,500 people. Some of the other stars on the card were Rick Steiner and also Kip "Mr. Ass". For me this was not only a great wrestling event but also very enjoyable because of the time I spent with the Native Kids at their Recreation Center and also the elders of the tribe.

After this event we negotiated tours with IWS from Italy for Spain tours coming up in July. We also went to West Virginia for an event with Cody Covey Promotions and will be leaving next week for Canada on the 4th and 5th in Spray Lakes Arena in Cochrane AB and Ogden Legion in Calgary AB. After this event some of my upcoming tours are to Cartagena, Spain, New Mexico, Philadelphia, Ireland, France, Germany and with events booked up to September 2009. As always I thank all the promoters who contact me daily and book me all throughout the world. Lastly, you the fans are the true support behind me and all the Superstars of Professional Wrestling and I personally thank you all!
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