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June 2009
"Hau Kola" Hello! I hope all is well with you and your loved ones during this time of the year. Can you believe it, it is already mid June and almost half of the year has already passed. I know during this time that many world-wide are finding it hard to take care of themselves and their loved ones. As things have begun to change slightly for the better in our financial markets I encourage you to keep hope, faith, and belief that the things you desire will come to pass. As you know being my loyal supporters who continue to follow me each day, every week, every month, and each year here at Native that my greatest desire is that you put your trust and faith in God above that through Him "All Things Are Possible" as the Word of God states. I know with this faith that you will accomplish and fulfill the desires of your hearts!

Before going on into my current commentary I would like to direct you below to an awesome video I found on You Tube when I was doing some research. I would like to thank Matthew Smith from Somerset England. It's a Tribute Video to me with a great song throughout the video on my career in Professional Wrestling from the 90's to my return to WWE with some of the greatest Superstars to step into the battlefield of a WWF/WWE ring. I enjoyed the words of the song because it's inspiring words not only for me but also for you the viewer to be all that you can be! Of course since it's a You Tube video you will have the codes to have this video for yourself also if you wish. Enjoy!

I want to update you on some of my most recent tours and events. In late April I visited West
Virginia for my second tour for Covey Pro Wrestling where I currently hold the Covey Pro
Heavyweight Champion Title. I was scheduled against Bazooka Joe who is a promising rising star
that WWE is taking a look at. The event was labeled as "All Or Nothing 3" and of course it was
Bazooka Joe and myself in the main event for the title. It is always a pleasure due to the fact that I
still love to work hard and have a very solid and competitive match in the ring when you get an
opportunity to battle it out with other warriors who can go in the ring. Bazooka Joe and myself put
on a 30 minute title match that the promotion stated it was their best event in the history of
Covey Pro Wrestling. I'm always proud to be part of history and also keeping the history
by defeating Bazooka Joe at "All Or Nothing 3", to retain The Covey Pro Heavyweight Title!

One of my other events in May was in Erie, Colorado for Rocky Mount Championship Wrestling. It was a pleasure to be in Colorado because I have family there that I had not seen some of them for about a year. I was scheduled in the main event against the Rocky Mount Inner-Regional Champion Awesome Andy. The event was labeled "Erie Brawl" at the Erie Town Fair. Again, Awesome Andy was a worthy opponent and very talented in the ring but when the dust settled in the deserts of Colorado Tatanka was the winner. Even though it was a title match and I defeated Awesome Andy for the title it should have exchanged hands. Due to the fact that he brought in the title belt at the end to use as a foreign object to defeat myself but being a veteran of the ring he ended up in "The End Of The Trail" with a 1, 2, 3. Even though I won the referee disqualified Awesome Andy and the title can not change hands on a disqualification.

In my last commentary for May 2009 I discussed in length my Legends Tour in Germany for DWA that is now archived in my Archives Section. Showed below is a picture I received from my Legends Tour in Germany in March 2009. True Legends from the late 80's and 90's of the WWF era are shown below.

DWA Legends Tour in Germany
Ax & Smash of Demolition, Honky Tonk, Adam Bomb, Marty Jannety, Tatanka, & Eugene

In closing, I would like to let you know about another event I was part of on May 2nd in my hometown. One of the reasons I have spent more time at home in March and April is all the planning on this particular event. My home church and ministry team in St. Petersburg, Florida put on an event for the whole community and City of St. Petersburg, Florida. During these tough times that I originally spoke of in the opening of my commentary we wanted the local community to know that someone truly cares about them and that we are here for them as support in their natural and spiritual lives.

We advertised through flyers, newspaper, and LIVE radio that we were going to feed the whole community for FREE in one of the big parks in the City of St. Petersburg, Florida. We also advertised that we were giving away for FREE NEW bicycles for kids, a digital camera, gas cards, Walmart shopping cards and many other FREE gifts. One of the main sponsors in this event was WWE who I contacted and they most graciously gave 100 WWE T-Shirts to give away. In addition was Tampa Bay Ray tickets, Golds Gym memberships, and many gift certificates from local restaurants and businesses in the local community with LIVE music and children's activities.

This event turned out to be a very BIG success with us feeding over 1,200 people quality food for FREE and we gave away $4,000 in FREE gifts that lasted for over an hour. We were also very excited to say that it made the evening news on Tampa Bays Connect-10 News Station. To lift your faith that when you give as the Bible states is "more blessed to give than to receive" and when you feed people and meet their needs naturally and spiritually you are in the perfect will of God. One week after this event we had someone not from our church feel led to give us a donation of $35,000. God will confirm by signs, miracles, and wonders when you are in His perfect will, which is pleasing to Him and produces blessings in your life. To see this event please view the 4 minute video below.

As always, "Pilamia Yelo" Thanks
God Bless you!

The Native American Tatanka