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May 2009
Arrowhead Circle
"Hau Kola" Hello! I want to thank all the fans who have shared their comments about our NEW online home of I'm happy that you the fans are enjoying all the changes and want to thank all the NEW TRIBAL MEMBERS and happy that you are enjoying the 14 current NEW videos in our Tribal Club Section. I also want to thank all the fans that have visited our NEW MERCHANDISE SECTION also. As always I thank you for your continued support.

The last few months have been busy with finally some time off the last few weeks but this weekend I leave again for events in the U.S. Some of my most recent events and also most enjoyable was my return back to Germany for Deutsche Wrestling Allianz as their DWA Heavyweight Champion on March the 21st. The 2 events in Germany were historic because it was "The Legends Tour" consisting of many former WWF and WWE Superstars. The event for DWA was most enjoyable because as usual it was a complete sell-out with standing room taken also.

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I was scheduled in the main event against Doug Williams who would most be known by his appearances at TNA and also all throughout Japan and the United Kingdom. He is a technical expert in the ring and known for his advanced wrestling abilities. Needless to say, Legends in the house, a sell-out crowd, and the title on the line against a well respected opponent set the stage for the night. To see all the Superstars who attended this historic event just Click Here and view the Event Poster below my schedule. It is always enjoyable when the atmosphere in an arena is electric and you are facing another warrior in the squared circle. I must say that this match between Doug Williams and myself was one of my best matches over the last 13 years. It was a very physical 35 minute main event that had the crowd on their feet and counting during the near falls and for the final 1, 2, 3. I'm happy to say that I still hold the DWA Heavyweight Title but also in return I give a lot of respect to Doug Williams who is a great wrestler and opponent that I would love to face at any time. True warriors enjoy these types of remembrance battles in the squared circle.

My other memorable event just recently was a charity event for Special Olympic Kids. I was invited as a guest speaker along with other mega Superstars. Those present were former New York Yankees Bucky Dent, New York Giant Defensive Coach Mike Waufle, Dan Mantle; Mickey Mantle's son, and All Pro Defensive Lineman for the New York Giants Justin Tuck. To book Tatanka for a speaking engagement please Click Here.

Special Olympics Charity Event

This event turned out to be a great success for the cause but also an enjoyable evening for myself. Needless to say it was great to have a night off and not have to be lacing up wrestling boots and preparing for battle in the squared circle. Local supporters and sports fans attended the event and paid for a sports dinner with all the guest speakers. After dinner many sports items and memorabilia of all of us was auctioned off for the charity. After the auction we were introduced by the MC Dennis Deninger to center stage to speak in front of the largest audience they have had for their Annual Sports Night.

It is always good to see a charity raise thousands of dollars as this event did but also what was awesome that night was the speeches to the supporters and local community that came. The coach for the New York Giants Mike Waufle was given an award and spoke first and he has always been known as a motivational speaker and after his speech I saw why. Next was myself! You know wrestling is a very popular sport because on this stage with me was nothing but the best in their chosen field but Professional Wrestling has its own uniqueness that the sporting fan just loves.

I have always taken guest speaking appearances very serious as I did this one because the whole theme of the night was not Superstars but those that are less fortunate than us. It was an opportunity to speak about how we should always be thankful for what we have and always look to help someone each day by just saying a kind word, feeding someone a meal in need, taking the time to listen to someone and encourage them during hard times, and in general just to be kind to one another. You never know how you influence someone's life by your actions to change for the better. It was also encouraging most of all to speak to a group of people along with the Sports Committee that was open to speaking about God Almighty and that he must be first in our everyday life for true success and fulfillment in ones life. I was very happy about the response that I received from everyone about my speech and I thank you all for your great comments concerning it. Justin Tuck started off where I left off putting things in order that God comes first and Dan Mantle and Bucky Dent hit the home run to finish off an memorable night not only for those that attended but also myself.

As always I thank you for your continued support and as promised we have been adding to Native Please review the additions to our Bio/Stats Section on Page 1 with Championships and Accomplishments along with NEW wrestling videos that have been added to the Tribal Club Membership area that now totals 14 NEW videos with many more to come. I wish you and your loved ones the best during this Spring and soon to come Summer.

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