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Tatanka wearing blue headdress
WWE Appearance at The Mohegan Sun Casino

"Hau Kola" Hello! I want all of you to know my heart and true feelings since my recent appearance at "Monday Night Raw" on August 1st, 2005 in the greatest battlefield in Pro Wrestling, the squared circle of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Of all places for this to take place it was on the tribal lands of The Mohegan Tribe in Connecticut. The Mohegan Sun Casino provides their own beautiful 10,000 seat arena for all entertainment events. It was truly an honor to be on tribal lands for the return of Tatanka!

I must first start by sincerely thanking Mr. Vince McMahon and all the officials of WWE that was responsible for my return at the Mohegan Sun Casino. It was a pleasure to see everyone from the office and all the Superstar talent present for "Monday Night Raw". As far as you, the fans, I truly appreciate all the kind words and the massive response I have received since my return on WWE "Monday Night Raw". All the emails, posting to my site, and the great response by the fans live at the Mohegan Sun Casino on "Monday Night Raw" has truly blessed me. Due to the power and exposure of WWE TV and your response I would like to congratulate you the fans for producing at the time of this message 1 million hits and growing to NATIVETATANKA.COM.

Again, I thank WWE for the opportunity and you the fans for your heartfelt responses to the Native American Tatanka. It has truly been a humbling experience for my family and I. Lastly I would like to say that my appearance at WWE went very well and that I'm currently speaking with WWE in reference to Tatanka appearing full time on the roster of the WWE. At the proper time I will release the news of our meetings according to the direction of the officials of WWE. I know the WWE office would appreciate hearing from you and your friends in reference to this past "Monday Night Raw" at the Mohegan Sun Casino and my return!

Please send all correspondence to WWE at: 
I look forward to performing for you and representing Nations of all people and race through the Native American Tatanka! Until next time, "Pilamia Yelo" Thank you.

God bless!