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My New Daughter and Testimony

"Hau Kola" Hello My Friends! It has been a short while since I have updated my home page with a new commentary concerning my career and Pro Wrestling in general. As you all know I have always keep in touch with you the fans and also keep up with my site but the last 4 months have been a very busy time for me as far as wrestling and also family. I'm proud to announce that my wife and I have added another member to our tribe, which is a new baby girl by the
name of Rhea Aiyana Chavis on July 1st, 2002. This makes our second child now with our first now turning 6 years old just in March 2002. Our oldest daughter has became a great helper and very excited that she has her own baby sister now. She said from the start that we were going to have a girl and even after 3 tests to see the sex the infant still did not want to let us know it's sex until it's birth. My wife and I are very thankful to God first for this new life into this world of ours but very thankful also that our oldest daughter is so happy to have a baby sister now. You know naming things are very important and you must know and research the meaning of names so you know that the name you choose for a child is the right one. To give you an example the name "Titanic" means "To Be Destroyed". So when the Titanic was named it was also spoken that it would be destroyed and we all know the terrible story but great lesson we learned with the history of the Titanic Ocean Liner! My daughter's name Rhea Aiyana Chavis has a separate meaning for the First and Middle Name. Rhea means "Godly" and Aiyana, which is a Native American Name, means "Eternal Bloom" so in full my daughter's name means "Godly Eternal Bloom". Not only will you bless your child when she finds out the time you took and what her name really means but also in true actuality you will be blessing your child according to God's ways!

Newborn Rhea Chavis
Christiana Chavis School Picture
The last 4 months have been very busy starting in the first week of June with a tour to Midland, Texas then back to Tampa for a departure to Dublin, Ireland for another tour then back to Tampa for departures the third week of June to Atlantic City for a Pay Per View event with many top named stars that should broadcast in Nov 2002 on Direct TV. The event was called Wrestle Fest with the promotion being named International Wrestling Superstars. After a great match there and also event overall I returned to Tampa again for departure to Winnipeg, Canada for TRCW Promotions at the end of June 2002. The last week of June and first day of July was the most awesome time of all because it is when our second baby girl came into this world by God's hands. We started our second week of July off with our annual church camp meeting in the beautiful Florida Keys for a whole week at a beautiful private resort called Hawk's Cay at Duck's Key. My wife and I wasted no time at all getting our new born use to the road trips and traveling and believe me she coasted thru that whole week like a champ and it was very clear we had a very blessed baby not only to us but every one that met and saw her. I also spent time with Kevin Sullivan while in the Florida Keys at our resort and also at his beautiful home on the water in Islamorada going over our own promoted event at the end of the month in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This was my first own promoted event with my company and I hired the best booker on the market now; Kevin Sullivan to book our TV Shows in Saudi Arabia over the 4 days of events.  

The tour in Saudi Arabia started with a departure on July 23rd to New York JFK airport with a direct flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My day started first with a very early departure to Washington, D.C. to the Saudi Arabian Embassy to pick up my groups passports and visa's to Saudi Arabia. Getting visa's to Saudi Arabia can be time consuming at times just like this time. We had applied weeks in advance but the Saudi's always like to wait till last minute to finalize things. This is my third time there so I know the situation with the visa applications and this is the reason I had to fly to Washington, D.C. personally to finalize things with our visa's and passports. Actually I started this day off knowing that all things would be fine but I did not know the day God had in store for my crew and I. For those that do not know God can speak to you to give you direction and show you things you need to know. As far as my visa's to Saudi and anywhere you work without them you do not get into the country so you can see why my visa's for my crew and I where very important after months of planning for shows and TV. 

The tour started off by God showing his hand in our visa applications being approved. I had received the vision about 2 weeks before my departure that the visa's would be approved by a very important letter that would be flown in with Golden Wings to The Embassy. It was very funny when I left that day for departure to Washington, D.C. to The Embassy without knowing by phone or proof that they were approved I just knew everything was going to be fine so by faith I left on the plane with my whole crew departing from several cities world-wide. When I got to The Embassy the lady I had been speaking to over the phone for the last few weeks greeted me and told me that my visa's had been approved and they were preparing the visa's as we spoke. That morning as the vision had shown a letter came to the Embassy by fax from guess who; The Prince of Saudi Arabia himself! What a way to start off the tour. My second supernatural event occurred when I got back to the airport at Washington-Reagan International Airport. I had time to eat lunch before my departure and was sitting back totally happy about having our visa's and that everything was going on schedule now and no further problems. Well I talked to soon!  

After boarding the plane I received a telephone call from one of my crew members in Canada that could not get out to New York due to weather problems. He said it could be rescheduled but the airline was working on getting him another flight with a new carrier. After a few minutes he called back to tell me that all flights to New York out of Canada had been cancelled. I started making telephone calls from the plane not only to my wife that runs some business ends of our company to help him get out to New York the next day and also to get his flight set up in New York the next day to Saudi Arabia by himself since our flight was leaving today at 9 pm in the evening. I also called the spiritual authority over my life and stood in agreement in prayer concerning this particular case. As my plane had now shut the doors and was rolling away from the gate it came to a complete stop on the jet way and then the Captain made an announcement that the flight had been delayed for about 20 minutes due to a storm front between us and New York. I then began to run an international business from my seat by calling Saudi Arabia and speaking to the promoter there and also again my wife and my Pastor. The passengers next to me was amazed in how I had all my files in order on the plane but how I was running a business right there and they did not know but I knew that again without me getting to New York no one that was already there could leave so we would miss the tour because flights to Saudi Arabia are like every other day or every two days so we would miss the beginning of our shows and a very important press release to kick it off. 

So here we go with another test and when you are tested it is how you go through it that matters and also in whom you put your trust in to solve it! Remember what I'm saying because we all have our situations and problems that come in life but the success in each and every one of these events that come are determined by whom you put your trust in! Now comes the Captain of the plane after two delays and sitting on the jet way for about 1 hour announces that the flight had been cancelled and that all flights to New York have been cancelled for the day. WOW! What do you do now? Remember it is whom you put your trust in that counts for success in any circumstance or situation. As we all started to deplane I was busy on the phone with my wife, my connection in Saudi Arabia, and letting my Pastor know what we needed to pray for now! During my deplaning I was then called back from my connection in Saudi Arabia to let me know that the plane that I was going to take to Saudi Arabia from New York was in Washington, D.C. and it leaves from there to go to New York for the international flight. As I hung up with him my wife called and then proceeded to tell me the exact same thing and that she had spoken to the Saudi Arabian airline ticket counter in Washington and let them know about my situation and that I was the man in charge of a whole tour and crew and that I was holding the visa's and passports of 14 wrestlers. This is what you call confirmation from Heaven and I knew at that moment what God wanted me to do and that He was WITH ME! As I was walking to the Delta ticket counter where they instructed us to go and have our tickets reissued for the next day I noticed the long line due to all flights being cancelled. At that moment it was very clear to me by that inner voice speaking to me that I was not going to stand in this line and wait because I had to get to New York. The only problem now was that I had to get from Washington Reagan where I was at to Washington Dulles International. By all my years of flying I looked for a Red Coat person at Delta, which are the ones who can make decisions and things happen and I let her know my situation and that I had to get to Dulles Airport so could she please have my bags pulled from the plane instantly and have them sent to baggage claim. I then went down to baggage claim to wait upon my bags and then decide my best and quickest route there because now the test was I had to get there by 5:30 pm when the Saudi ticket counter closed for the flight I needed to be on. It was currently about 4:35 pm and the airline people downstairs at baggage told me it would take at least an hour or more to get there due to traffic at that hour. HERE WE GO AGAIN! I called my wife, Pastor, and connection in Saudi to tell them where I was at and of course prayed with my Pastor that I would make it to the airport in time. Everyone in baggage claim that worked for the airlines said you would never make it. I received my bags at about 10 minutes till 5:00 pm and proceeded outside for the quickest direct way through taxi service. While my bags were loading into the trunk I called Saudi Arabian Airlines ticket counter at Dulles Airport to let them know I'm on my way but they did not think I would make it because they insisted the counter would close at 5:30 pm. I got in the cab with 30 minutes exactly to reach the ticket counter at Dulles or I would miss this tour and my way to New York for sure. I got in the cab and called my Pastor for prayer that the Lord would clear the road for me and that we would make it within the 30 minute time frame. It is the wildest thing but I had to have Angels clearing the road because when we left from that spot we did not stop or did not get caught in any traffic and the first time the car stopped was at the front of the ticket counters at Saudi Arabian Airlines at 5:30 pm with a woman that I had called when I got on the grounds of the airport calling me by name when I stepped out of the taxi. They rushed me to the ticket counter and checked my bags and then rushed me through security and then to a private car to take me to the airplane waiting for me on the jet way. As I stepped out of that car to look at the steps of the plane set up for me personally going to business class I just could not believe the greatness and power of God!  

Now here I sit on the plane that my crew was waiting for in New York along with everyone else going to Saudi Arabia that evening. On that plane was only the pilots, airline attendants, and maybe around 4 people and here I am by God's hand knowing for SURE NOW I was going to make it. We set on the jet way for a little while to let the storm pass by that had caused all the problems to start with. Eventually it was time for takeoff to New York JFK Airport. Boy was the guys going to get a kick out of this one; I'm already on the plane that they had been waiting for now in JFK for hours. After we got up to cruising altitude we started to go through some turbulence that eventually got really rough. It was so rough that the airline attendant across and in front of me was about to get sick and throw up. Then I noticed something I had never been in before with all my years of flying; lightning outside to the right of the plane and everyone noticed it because it was dark then and the lightning lit up the sky. It instantly concerned me along with the strong turbulence that we were in a situation here. HERE WE GO AGAIN! Funny how things work out because I had taken my Bible out to read during the flight which I normally do on some flights and I instantly picked up the Bible and it raised up in me the promises of God about His protection always over your life and that NOTHING WILL HARM YOU WHEN YOU ARE HIS CHILD. So I opened to Psalm 91 and started to read aloud His word and promises of protection. Right before I started we all heard lighting right above us and it was all around us so that plane filled up with fear real quick. As I started to read Psalm 91 the first time I read it I sensed nothing at that moment but the second time I felt peace come into my spirit and the third time I read it I felt total peace and then I noticed the lightning and turbulence stopped and as I looked up the Saudi Arabian airline attendant was frozen on me in amazement because she knew what I did and knew I was declaring God's Word that we would be protected and by His power and His word the storms calmed themselves. At this point my day was nothing short of miracles and supernatural events all day and I was ready to tell my crew about what God had done. How much do you need before you BELIEVE? 

On my arrival into JFK I was met on the passenger runway going into the gate area where everyone was waiting by one of the heads of Saudi Arabian Airlines there at JFK and she asked me for my boarding pass and instructed me that my whole crew was in the VIP Lounge and that she was upgrading me from Business to First Class and had upgraded the others from economy and business to First Class. Talking about God working with great favor to bless those that serve him; well here's your proof. I did not need to ask or beg but God was just showing me something that day which today I realize in even a greater way. After meeting the guys in the lounge and also personally meeting some of them for the first time except by phone they got to see not only by what God did with me that day to get to there but also by what had happened to themselves there at JFK. When you are in charge of a company and you serve God He will not only bless you but also bless everyone because you being the head of the company putting God first. So eventually after giving my awesome day of testimonies, hanging out with the guys for a while, giving them their passports and visa's, and paying everyone we were off to Saudi Arabia.  

Needless to say when we got there the blessings did not stop for a second. I have been there before and also had business relations with the contact person who I signed the deal with for the tour in Saudi. We started our first night off by going out to a big amusement park that had just been built by the engineers of Walt Disney Parks. We were accompanied by my friend and very wealthy Sheik of Caesars Juice, where we toured around the park on a VIP Tour, did some live interviews, and ate dinner. We ended our night by going to meet another Sheik but at his personal palace and this man was one of the wealthy Billionaire Sheiks in Jeddah. Every day either before our events or after the events we were out somewhere touring Jeddah and eating like kings. We stayed in a 5 Star Resort in Jeddah and they prepared some of the best foods for us during our whole stay that surpasses any other tour that these guys had ever been on. Just simply put - We Were Blessed By God and believe me by the time we were half way through the tour most of the guys were saying the same thing. Our event covered 4 days of TV Production that would air all throughout the Middle East. Kevin Sullivan was my booker and we prepared 4 nights of great wrestling that proved and showed by the people's response that you do not have to involve what you see on TV today. Some of the talent on my tour formally of W.W.E. was of course myself, Barbarian, Earthquake, Joe E. Legend (Just Joe), Hack Meyers from E.C.W. and many top stars in the independent circuit from The State of Florida. Kevin Sullivan and myself are negotiating a possibility of bringing our TV Production from Saudi Arabia here to the states to be offered as a possible Pay Per View event. I will keep you posted if that does come to pass and let you know where it can be viewed.  

Tatanka with crew in Saudi Arabia
In closing I would like to thank you, the loyal fans of Tatanka for your support and belief in me. Believe me, your hope in me will not go in vain. As I have always stated that I would return to wrestling and even though I thought there were some real good and clear possibilities on the table it never came to pass because I'm looking for more than just the normal wrestler whom I'm not against but I have a vision and a destiny to be fulfilled in Pro Wrestling and I must go where I'm led spiritually and also where I know is right no matter the cost. I know for sure now my plan in the world of Professional Wrestling and I always knew it involved my return but never knew it involved what has been exposed to me over 4 months ago. Things that are great and have a lasting effect on humanity take time but to do what no one else will do is well worth the wait and the price that has to be paid.

"Pilamia Yelo" 
Thank you and God bless!