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Tatanka In New Mexico

As usual I would like to say hello to all the great fans of the wrestling world and all those serious Native American fans of Tatanka's and also the # 1 Internet site for news ScoopsWrestling.Com. My last tour, which was in New Mexico, was again an awesome one with Gallup, New Mexico being the highlight of the tour. To all those reading this commentary you must go to New Mexico if you haven't been and really see the beautiful countryside all across the state of New Mexico. The red colored rock formations in the mountains are just beautiful and the whole scene is beautiful portraying that western look of the days of John Wayne and also my favorite as if you didn't already know was Geronimo. It was awesome to look at those country sides and really think about the history in those areas and mountains and to look at high mountains and wonder if this is one of the places The Chiricahuas of The Apache Tribe with Geronimo had used to scout General Crook and his cavalries in the late 1800's.

 The tour in New Mexico was run by Vladimir Koloff Promotions, which detailed a 4-day tour starting in Albuquerque, then Church Rock, which is Gallup, third night at Las Vegas, and fourth and final night in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The tour was a success all nights with a big following at Gallup just like last year. I was there last year wrestling Main Event with Terry Funk and we had 6,000 Native and Mexican American's show up and this year we had another great attendance with the numbers between 4,000-5,000 people. The card this year was loaded like always with great talent starting with the following lineup:

1. The Patriot vs. Vincent from WCW

2. Doink (Steve Keirn) vs. Blue Meanie

3. Ax from Demolition vs.Curtis Thompson

4. Vladimir Koloff (with Nikita as Manager) vs. Salvatore Sincere

5. Navajo Warrior vs. Honky Tonk Man

6. The Dudley's (not from WWF) vs. PG-13

7. Dan Severn vs. Kohler

8. L.O.D. Animal and Curt Henning Mr. Perfect vs. Public Enemy 

9. Bushwackers vs. Ballards

10. Tatanka vs. Disciple from WCW

As you can see for an independent show there was a lot of talent from the big companies that participated in this tour along with 10 matches for the fans. It was an action packed night with the fans of Gallup participating with their crowd response. The matches are held in a beautiful park called Red Rock State Park, which is an outdoor arena in the middle of these high red mountains that surround the place. You talk about a setting; this was a setting for all the matches and when it came to the main event with Disciple and me I felt like a native warrior running to the ring for battle against the enemy with all my people surrounding me and giving the native cry for war which you are all familiar with me as also my trademark and trademark for all Native's. Needless to say the Native Tatanka gave his people the action they came for and as usual Disciple tried the usual tactics of the NWO but the battle was all over with when I began the war dance and war cry because you could feel the power of my native brothers and sisters unite with me as Disciple was surrounded truly by thousands of native's and went down by The Tomahawk Chop off the top rope! 

I would like to thank all the fans of New Mexico for their support at all the shows and give an extra shout to those in the Gallup, New Mexico area. Vladimir Koloff Promotions will be back next year to bring you an awesome wrestling show like usual and if The Native American Tatanka hasn't made his move yet as far as the big companies I will be there and take great pleasure to be with my native people and fans again. Keep your eye on me at and all wrestling news at because I promise to you I am returning and my return will be great and all done by the hand of God himself. Until next time this is the Native American Tatanka signing off!