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Hau Kola
- in Lakota Native Language, which means Hello! To all the loyal Native American Tatanka Fans I have to give my apologies due to the down time of At times situations come up that have nothing to do with a mistake on your part at all and the down time of my site was under this rule. Since I have always used the name Tatanka in the wrestling world I decided to use it also for my domain name which of course is the normal case. I was always introduced on TV by Vince McMahon as The Native American Tatanka so made business sense to me. It was decided by me as far as the name and thus far my creation and ownership. By the way as far as my name goes I am 100% Native American from the Lumbee Tribe in Pembroke, North Carolina and own my name and all likeness concerning the name of Tatanka as far as a wrestling identity with merchandise rights also which was a blessing from The Creator God himself to me because 99% in our industry do not own their name. 

As far as my web site goes I owned Tatanka at the time of opening my site and of course chose because of ownership of Tatanka and likeness of my introduction at The World Wrestling Federation. When I opened we of course started a relationship with the #1 Internet wrestling site that was, which was an awesome relationship, which worked out awesome on both parties. I really appreciate Al Isaacs and all his awesome work as far as designing and running my site during that time. Few months after opening up my site E.I.M. Inc. was sold to After a long period of time had gone by we started having some down time with our web site and eventually Snowball totally eliminated Scoops Wrestling, which was a loss to all the wrestling fans out there that want to keep up with the latest, hottest, and correct news on the market (Al has since returned here.) After Scoops Wrestling went down we started having problems with my site and then finally I was directed to which advised me that they owned which was impossible because I owned my name and likeness also of Tatanka and also had a contract prior to Snowball's involvement with E.I.M. Snowball advised me that I needed to purchase my name from them and after that phone call it was my last to them. Needless to say but when the truth is the truth you cannot change it no matter who you are and today I have officially legally solidified the name of under the ownership of my legal organization. 

So to all you loyal fans spread the word that a Pow Wow is brewing and the Native American Tatanka is back on the War Path. The lesson to be learnt is when you stand for the truth then truth is with you and when you try to run your business or life by deception, or by wrong standards, or by trying to take advantage of people you will always fall. The question is not if but only when you fall by how you live your life and how you run your business.

The last few months for me have been a blessing because I have been able to spend a lot of time with my native people at several Pow Wows all throughout the State of Florida. One of the biggest tribes worldwide and the only unconquered tribe is the Seminole Tribe of Florida. They were responsible for several of the Pow Wows I have been at lately which included one at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fl., second one was at Tampa, Fl. at their reservation lands, then the third at Chasco Festival in New Port Richy, Fl. I have also been at The Brighton Reservation and also Big Cypress Reservation, which are also 2 Reservations of The Seminoles. I made appearances there to be their guest speaker to encourage the Native Youth to stay in school, stay away from Drugs, health and fitness and the importance of it in your life, to love those that love you and not to take advantage of your loved ones, choosing the right friends that are truly for you and not what you can do for them, business careers and the importance of choosing what is right to do and what is wrong to do as far as earning a living for you and your family and setting goals to attain your dreams, and lastly to speak of how God created us all and that we are all winners and not losers but we are all Superstars in God's eyes and we all have a special plan in this life that only you can accomplish. We all have our own fingerprint that shows we are all unique in our own special way. I have really enjoyed spending time with all the natives from all over the world these last few months and getting closer to them as Chris Chavis another Native American and not just Tatanka but the native way has always been to stand with their people and it gives me great honor to know they look up to me as a leader for their youth and their Native Nation!

I am currently preparing for a big tour of Europe in the United Kingdom for 1 month which will consists of about 28 working days out of the 31 days I will be there. We will have about 4 days off afterwards to enjoy the sites of the United Kingdom because my family once again will accompany me on this tour. It sure is a blessing to be able to take my family on tour with me and also to be able to enjoy the sites of the United Kingdom and to learn also their culture and life but like always we are so blessed to live in the United States and have so much to be thankful for. It is a great experience for anyone to travel to foreign countries because it will change the way you look at things about the U.S. After my U.K. tour I come back to the states on the 3rd of July and start right off with tours throughout the month of July in Wisconsin, Ohio, Boston, and possible tour to Saudi Arabia again if we can agree on contract terms and dates. I will also get a little time off to enjoy the beautiful sites and relaxing times at Hawks Cay in Key West this year with my family and church members right after my tour in the U.K.

Like always I am excited to be able to speak to my fans and keep in touch with you to let you know the moves of The Native American Tatanka. I know you will enjoy the new site and everything we have created for you this time at the home of Like I've always known I will return to the main screen of T.V. but it has always been a timing thing to me and waiting upon the hand of God in my life and career. The time is drawing near for my return. I have had the offers but haven't moved because you must wait for what is right and not only money motivated. The saying that good things come to those that wait is true. Waiting builds patience, persistence, faith, and most of all makes you a better person inside which shows on the outside in your life with others. When we get what we want to fast it can destroy us or even yet aid us in not appreciating what we have and how thankful we should really be when we have great positions of fame or authority in our life. Like always I wish you all the best in your personal lives and that you receive all that your heart desires and the abundance that the Creator God Himself and Jesus desires for your life! In Lakota words "Pilamia" - which means thank you!