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A New Son

"Hau Kola" Hello! Like always I would like to thank all the fans that support me and visit my website on a continual basis. As I compose this I hope all is well in your life as far as personal and business. Even though I have been off TV for a while believe me I look forward to the opportunity to entertain you all again from the stage of the squared circle. I have stayed on top of my game and also stayed in top physical condition as many around the world have witnessed personally throughout my shows in the states and internationally.

As far as the current stage of wrestling we all know there needs to be an alternative to WWE not only for the fans that do not watch regularly or have chosen to turn it off but also for WWE because competition is good and Vince loves to compete and conquer. Another major company would benefit wrestling as a whole but it also depends upon what that company would want to represent as an overall picture to the fan base because I believe firmly in the "old school family entertainment" type of Professional Wrestling. Hopefully for all involved a new company will arise to fill the gap. 

Tatanka in ring at W.W.F. Pay Per View Event
Due to international business I have not watched on a regular basis but was advised last night that they showed one of my matches on the MONDAY NIGHT WARS DVD. I remember just a few years ago when we would do RAW live from New York City and the particular venue we would use would have an awesome atmosphere that you could cut with a knife. In the early and mid nineties the atmosphere was always filled with excitement and expectation of some of the great battles we would have between some of the warriors of the then known WWF. Those story lines where great and played out by great Superstars in the squared circle. 

I would like to advise everyone that Tatanka is a proud and thankful daddy because our third child, a boy was born on March the 6th at 8:01 pm EST. His name is from the story of Joseph in the bible and my wife wanted my name also as a middle name but Chris did not flow properly so we decided on "Joseph Tatanka Chavis." So now as many of you know my family has grew to become a tribe now with Christiana Mariah Chavis, Rhea Aiyana Chavis and the new comer Joseph Tatanka Chavis. My son and my latest daughter Rhea both have native names as their middle names. Many will ask will Joseph become a wrestler but I assure you daddy is making sure he won't have to but most important what he will do is God's Will for his life as he is led by God's Hand. 

As always I wish you all the best and ask for you to continue to follow NATIVETATANKA.COM to see what I'm currently doing but also for my plans for the near future. I promise you there are plans in my heart and those plans will materialize in the right timing. Anything that is worthwhile and that will last has to start off right and have the right motives along with it for continued success and success that most of all touches, inspires and changes other people's lives for the better. Take care and God bless to all!

"Pilamia Yelo" Thank you.