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Patchwork and The Fall


"Hau Kola" Hello my friends! I hope your summer and vacation times have been all you wanted it to be. Before we know it winter will be upon us but like many others and myself I enjoy this time of the year we are coming into. Of course we start off the fall season with NFL Football for you football lovers, then comes the changing of the trees which is always beautiful, colder weather and snow, then Thanksgiving, and my favorite time the season of Christmas holidays. Of course during the winter months are also the best months for the world of Professional Wrestling and also a time that The Native American Tatanka has been preparing for!

I'm currently flying right now back from a personal appearance which was at Plattsburgh, New York at Ed and Mike's Shop in The Champlain Centres. The appearance was great and I want to say thanks for the great turnout from all you fans in that area. Thanks also goes out to my native brothers that visited me with their families from the Mohawk Tribe. Last but not least I would like to thank John Lahart and his coworkers from North Country Championship Wrestling for their preparation and kindness in setting up this event and running it during my stay in New York. 

Yes; it is true that Tatanka and his Webmaster Al Isaacs will soon be opening up a new section dedicated to many hours of Tatanka's previous matches at the WWF. The videos will include such greats as Wrestlemania 9 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas with Shawn Michaels for The Intercontinental Title, Survivor Series against Rick "The Model" Martel, tag matches with The Steiner Brothers against Money Inc. which consisted of The Million Dollar Man, IRS, and Doink, battles against The Warlord, Repo Man, The Berzerker, interviews by Tatanka, and many other matches during his reign of a 2 year undefeated streak in the WWF. Also view the end of a title that still holds today as far as The Longest Winning Streak by the hands of Borga, Mr. Fuji and great Superstar and WWF Champion Yokozuna who we all miss. Fans it is all here and more will come so keep an eye out for our New Section being added to NATIVETATANKA.COM with great matches of Tatanka and Superstars of the WWF!

I challenge you all to post to my message boards not only on my main menu which is on the left side index but also in my Patchwork area involving The Seminole Patchwork on clothes and many items. I invite your suggestions because I am truly for my fans and want to be able to hear from you and give the fans mostly what they want. Give me your serious thoughts on the Seminole Patchwork on jeans, jackets, and shirts. The response so far has been great so please post your thoughts because this is something we are looking at for a worldwide exposure but also to offer to you and the world a total different and new look for jeans, jackets, and shirts. As many of you know I have spent a lot of time answering e-mails and posts and it is for the main reason of offering the personal side of myself. So don't forget to post those messages. Now I know many of you are getting eager to see me on TV just as I am eager to be there but I want the best for me and of course you the serious Tatanka fans. I promise I am returning soon and because of my wait and timing it will be awesome for us all and that is what I know you want just like I do! So just continue to follow up and keep your faith that my words are true and will come to pass!

This coming week of September 3rd will lead me to the native lands of The Seminoles on the 7th and 8th which is listed in my schedule. I invite all my wrestling fans to come because it will be 2 great nights of wrestling action with other Native Americans on the card and also previous stars of the wrestling world. It will definitely be a time of going on the War Party and having a Big Pow Wow on the reservation lands of The Seminole Tribe. I also invite you to check out our New Areas, which consist of my current essays on several different topics weekly, which is exposed to the mass market with several different sites such as WrestlingPlanet.Com. Also I have included an interview section, which consists of several current interviews with different promotions worldwide, and I will continue to add to this section to give the fans a big archive that answers many questions that you may have already for the Native American Tatanka. So don't wait; just click onto the interview link to the left side of my main home page and see what Tatanka has to say to many questions from the fans. Also I will let you know that I did an interview several months ago for a book that will be selling worldwide within a few months called "Wrestling With God." Do not miss getting your copy because it has interviews by Sting, The Million Dollar Man, Brian Blair of The Former WWF Tag Team called Killer Bees, and several others. It exposes the truth of some of the wrestlers' personal lives and careers with Pro Wrestling and promises to be a big success. Like always I want to thank you for your continued support and remind you as we continue to add to NATIVETATANKA.COM make sure you visit the areas and see and read the detailed information we have put together on the fans behalf as we make The Official Online Home of Tatanka the best in the Internet Industry. 

"Pilamia Yelo" Thank you and God bless you,

Take a look at the new Seminole Tribe Patchwork Fashions by Tatanka and Vince Simmons of Hopoya which consists of Seminole Tribal Members.

741 Different Patchwork Styles with More Added Often!
Photos courtesy of
The Creative Source

Closeups of Patchwork Patterns

"Hau Kola" Hello my friends and wish you all the best. This new section we are adding to NATIVETATANKA.COM is for the fans and we are calling for your support and most of all your suggestions in our message board area specially done for our New Section involving Seminole Patchwork. Vince Simmons of Hopoya and myself have decided to look at some options concerning business together with an art that began with The Seminoles as early as the 1800's. The patchwork designs you will see are designed by Seminole Tribal members. This business would be unique because there is no other design like this in the world and it is The Seminole Tribe that created it and it has been their trademark as far as native clothing for over a hundred years. This is what makes it unique because it is handmade by Native Americans and of course Vince and myself being Native American would make it a Native Owned and Operated Business. Thus making whatever you decide on unique and one of a kind and cannot be duplicated because of the art and knowledge of The Seminoles who created it and the only ones making it today!

Our ideal is to first market to the main stream of the world by offering the Seminole Patchwork on jeans, jackets, ties, cooking aprons and all accessory's in the kitchen such as pot holders and gloves, bed spreads and pillow cases, scarf's, designs in couches and single chairs, framework around pictures, and the list goes on. Every item I have just mentioned has already been created and ready for viewing at the proper time. Of course the examples in clothes will show a full blown version of dresses and jackets that would appeal to mostly Native Americans but every dress, jacket, jeans, or vest can be down toned which we will show you with some of our jean examples where just the bottom of the jeans have the Seminole Patchwork with some offering the Patchwork on the hip pockets also. Mostly the photos are to give you an ideal of how The Seminole Patchwork looks and then we would mass market to the desires of the main stream with of course full blown Traditional dresses, jackets and such for those that love the western look all the way! This would be a mass market ideal that would be available of course at all your major stores world-wide just like Tommy Hillfiger Jeans and such name brand items. Our heart's desires is that you fill up the message boards with your suggestions so we can get a feel of what you want. Some suggestions if needed will have an answer posted back to it but mostly we are looking for your suggestions and ideals.

"Pilamia Yelo" Thank you for your time and suggestions concerning The Art of Seminole Patchwork. God Bless!


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