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Tatanka On The Road!!! 

July 8th-July 15th: Saudi Arabia Tour with Emir El Mansour Promotion

To all the fans in Saudi Arabia who have been waiting in great expectation we are sorry for the delay which is due to our visas not being processed in time by The Saudi Arabian Embassy. This is the first time that Professional Wrestling has came to this part of the country and to our understanding here in the United States it is one of the wealthiest parts of the country and the reason for the delay because it is hard to get into this part of the country but we are approved and on the way!

All shows will be in Saudi Arabia of course in the area known as Jeddah between the dates of July 10th-14th. Four shows are scheduled during this 5 day term. To our understanding this event has received tremendous advertising throughout all the media and promises to be not only an experience for the country of Saudi Arabia but also for The Native American Tatanka and also his foe The Great Yokozuna.

As always this promises to be not only a great event but two warriors that will meet once again in the squared circle to battle in the battlefields of Saudi Arabia! Yokozuna has already made the statement "That He Is Ready" and we all know that Tatanka has been doing battle all over the world so he is prepared to meet The Great Former World Wrestling Federation Champion! Tatanka promises "Victory for his native people and fans worldwide and will insure us he will give all the details of this major event as soon as he arrives into The United States".

July 23rd-July 31st: Australia and New Zealand Tour by Resort Live, Hollywood, Calif.

Yes it true; for all you fans that have been e-mailing from the Down Under and wanting to confirm what you have seen and heard is true The Native American Tatanka will be coming to The Down Under to War Dance and do battle with some of the great Superstars of the wrestling world.

Departure dates from The United States are on the 23rd with about a 2 day travel itinerary with tour starting around the 25th-31st with all dates and shows being done in Australia. Tour dates will continue through the month of August 2000 in Australia from August 1st-13th with tour beginning in New Zealand on the dates of August 14th-20th with a return to The United States on the 21st of August.

Thank you and God bless you,