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Updated Message from Tatanka
Sept 2008

Dear Tatanka fans,

"Hau Kola" Hello! I have been receiving many emails and requests through the internet and at live events worldwide about having my character in one of the new upcoming video games. I wanted to post a request from a fan just recently that has a link to the IGN Board where the developers of the game always take a look at for the opinion of the fans. This will be for a new video game for Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 of the LEGENDS OF WRESTLEMANIA (For next year). I want to thank you in advance for your posts to this site but most of all I will be very happy that you the fans will have my character Tatanka in one of the new video games for WWE. As always I thank you for your continual support worldwide and look forward to performing for you. Please read on after the below message to see my updated comments for September 2008.

Tatanka with Red Hair
Sept. 13, 2008 8:52 PM

Hi to all Tatanka fans and Tatanka himself...
First I want to express the privilege that I have to talk to one of the greatest wrestlers of the 90's, Tatanka.

Now to the point.

The WWE is making a new video game for Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 of the LEGENDS OF WRESTLEMANIA (For next year).

http://xbox360.ign. com/objects/142/14252212.html.

So I'm in the IGN board to put the name of Tatanka on the air, since the developers of the game always take a look at this board for the opinion of the fans.

It is time Tatanka fans to bring Tatanka to a wrestling game. So start posting your requests there now!

http://boards. ign. com/wwe_legends_of_wrestlemania/b24336/p1

My Nickname in the board is Crocmaster23, see you there!!!

Best Regards,
Jonathan Fernandez

Tatanka coming to ring in Calgary, Canada

I wish the very best to you the fans who continue to support and follow me at wrestling events and autograph sessions worldwide. Thank you also for your support for the Official Tatanka MySpace Page at Since my last update I have been very busy with wrestling, family, and the excitement of the growth of our hometown church in St. Pete Beach, Florida, being A Touch of God Ministries. To start off in the month of July 2008 I was in Calgary, Canada for 2 different events. One being at Spray Lakes Arena in Cochrane, AB and the second event at Ogden Legion in Calgary, AB with Hannibal Promotions. This was my first event there in Calgary for a few years and I was blessed to be able to see the beautiful countryside outside the city walls of Calgary. Two of the stars also on tour with me was Samoan Joe from TNA and former WWF Superstar The Honky Tonk Man.

Tatanka with Tsuu T'ina Chief
I followed these events up with a trip right back to Calgary just a few weeks later for the Tsuu T'ina Powwow where I made a special appearance to their yearly Powwow and was involved in the TV filming for the Aboriginal People’s Television Network that is aired all throughout the Native Tribes in Canada. Most people do not know but there are approximately 650 different sovereign nations in Canada alone. Additional media for the Powwow was that it was being aired live throughout the world by streaming video on the internet. It was a great honor to be there and for the tribe to request my presence for their yearly celebration. The Chief and Tribal Council honored me by asking me to be their honored guest and to be part of the Grand Entry, which is the very beginning of the Powwow. The colors (flags) come out first followed by the Chief and Tribal Council and their honored guests behind them as we dance into the arena in addition to all the dancers behind us that are entered in the Powwow dance competition from tribes all over the world.

Tatanka with beautiful Native American women
This event was in a very remote location in the high mountain forest territory on sovereign Tsuu T'ina lands. If you ever wanted to feel the reality of the old western frontier and how the Natives celebrated in God’s creation then this was one night that took you back hundreds of years with the sounds of the war drums, chants, and ceremonial songs before our Creator. I always enjoy spending time with my blood brothers and blood sisters of my Native American heritage.

I started off August with a Christian outreach program in Zephyrhills, Florida where members of my church and volunteers from other surrounding churches in that area worked together to meet the needs of families and singles prior to the beginning of school. Items such as school back packs where given out, educational programs taught to the children that day, games and activities, along with free food in addition to myself donating my time for autographs with free 8 x 10’s. It was a huge turn out and I got the opportunity to personally speak to each person as they arrived at my table about their faith, God and His Son Jesus Christ. It was such a blessing because everyone wanted to hear the Word of God, have prayer with me and in addition approximately 75 people that day from families to little children to single adults gave their heart and lives to Jesus Christ. In today’s world there are so many people that are in need, with deep hurt in their souls and with unanswered questions but there is an answer and His name is Jesus. It was such an honor to be used and see people’s lives changed that day by The Spirit of God.

Less than 4 days later I was off to Wisconsin for a wrestling event on Onaway Island in Waupaca, Wisconsin for Take It To The Mat Ministries. This was at a very beautiful resort area that people come to from all over the world. We actually had to take a boat to a private island where the event took place. The name Onaway was also a Native American name and this event was being held for the young male youth and their yearly Christian camp meeting. I was blessed to have my own private cabin in the forest on the top of the hill over looking the water. What a beautiful and refreshing scene and it reminded me of just how much that I did not miss the big city arenas and hotels with WWE! I was also asked by the camp leaders to give their chapel talk that day prior to the wrestling event. Again it was an honor to be able to talk to the youth and adults about life and to see young teenagers listening careful to a talk about what is most important in life. These young teenagers showed discipline, respect and many were hungry to be taught the truths about God’s Kingdom and His Son Jesus. It was an honor to see The Spirit of God move among these teenagers and adults which ended in about approximately 140 teenagers and adults giving their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ! What a great start to a great evening of wrestling with me winning the title in the main event.

After this event I ended up having a short time off to be able to enjoy my family at home. During this time our church of almost 13 years decided to launch a NEW WEBSITE. Since I had some time off and have been part of our inner core of our church I decided to build the site myself. One of the greatest blessings you can be involved in with your life is to do the will of the Father in Heaven. You do not do it for money, or for fame but for the simple reason of being a servant and to serve. It was a blessing to be involved in this project and to see how things just flowed together and how we received favor in so many areas such as hosting packages, domain names, and major discounts that are not heard of in the internet world. When God wants something He provides for it and gives you great favor in the process. I will tell you this by my 13 years of experience that when your heart is right and you are doing things for God’s Kingdom as the Bible states, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you” then God will always bless you in ways greater than the time and effort that you put into something for Him. He loves us all and takes great pleasure in blessing those that seek His will. The website contains plenty of information for any questions that you may have in your heart and in addition includes recent photos of our latest baptism in The Gulf of Mexico with photos of myself also involved. Visit my home church at I know you will enjoy visiting the site.

After much work on the above I prepared at the end of August and beginning of September for a week tour in New Mexico with World Pro Wrestling. Our first event was on Navajo sovereign lands for their annual state fair. The Navajo’s are the largest tribe in the United States with approximately 500,000 enrolled members and their reservation also spans across all of Arizona and even some of New Mexico. Not only was it great to do battle in front of the greatest warriors in history but also my main event match was against the legend of the 90’s Doink the Clown. This night was a qualifying match for a title shot at the World Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title for September the 6th at the Acoma Pueblo Casino in Acoma, New Mexico. The qualifying match was a great battle with the flair of the 90’s with the Native American Tatanka versus Doink “The Evil” Clown and in the end Tatanka defeated The Evil Clown with The End of the Trail finishing move to qualify for the title shot on September the 6th.

After this first event I had to fly back home to Tampa, Florida because I had arranged to take my 2 daughters and one of their friends to The Jonas Brothers Concert on the 4th at Ford Amphitheatre in Tampa. These young boys are a big hit among the young teenager girls and it was a sold-out event. The excitement prior to show time was electric and boy can a bunch of young girls make a lot of noise screaming for The Jonas Brothers. It was such a blessing to watch my daughters enjoy the concert and be able to see The Jonas Brothers LIVE. They really put on a good show and as parents we appreciate what they stand for along with their parents as their managers on the road. It is good to have real true role models for our youth that represent beliefs that are more important than fame, money, and who they are.

Christiana & Bianca @ Jonas Brothers Concert
Tatanka & daughter Rhea @ Jonas Brothers Concert
After the concert I headed back to the beautiful Native lands of New Mexico. This was my second trip back to the Acoma Pueblo sovereign lands and I was looking forward to the visit again. I had wrestled at Sky City Casino before in Acoma Pueblo lands approximately 6 months ago in front of a sold-out crowd of Native Americans from the Acoma Pueblo Tribe but this time was different because it was for the World Title. With much support from the casino executives and the local Natives in a 35 minute match that got very physical I defeated Doink “The Evil” Clown for the Heavyweight Title and became the World Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. I thank the Navajo's and also the Acoma Pueblo for all their support and kindeness.

In closing I would also like to thank you the fans for your continual support and also the many requests worldwide for a Tatanka Classic Superstar Action Figure. WWE and JAKKS Pacific has officially released the Tatanka Classic Superstar Line in stores worldwide and throughout the internet. We gave you the fans exactly what you asked for, the Tatanka of the early nineties with the Red Hair and memories of an era that will never be replaced or duplicated.


Tatanka Classic Superstar Action Figure
Some of my upcoming events are an autograph convention in Philadelphia on September 27th with a private signing also on the 26th in Philadelphia also. I also return to Big Time Wrestling at The Webster Town Hall in Webster, MA on October the 11th. Some of my other events are a big gear up for a 6 week tour of Europe that will carry me through Ireland, France, and Germany. Listed below are the dates and locations.

24th Oct 2008 - University Concert Hall, Limerick, Ireland
25th Oct 2008 - Royal Theatre, Castlebar, Ireland
26th Oct 2008 - Basketball Arena, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland
27th Oct 2008 - Leisurecentre, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland
29th Oct 2008 - NEC, Killarney, Kerry, Ireland
30th Oct 2008 - Fairways Hotel, Dundalk, Ireland
31st Oct 2008 - Neptune Stadium, Cork, Ireland
1st Nov 2008 - Whites Hotel, Wexford, Ireland

4th Nov 2008 - Paris, FRANCE
5th Nov 2008 - Lille, FRANCE
6th Nov 2008 - Metz, FRANCE
8th Nov 2008 - Marseille, FRANCE
9th Nov 2008 - Toulouse, FRANCE
10th Nov 2008 - Nantes, FRANCE
11th Nov 2008 - Lyon, FRANCE

My Germany dates are on the 14th of November in Saarlouis-Beaumarais, Germany for SWO and on the 15th of November for my return to DWA as their champion. The fans in Germany are awesome and I look forward to my return to their country.

I will be finishing my 6 week tour of Europe in the United Kingdom with Big Time Wrestling UK. The dates are Nov. 20th - 28th. I look forward to seeing you all there!

For booking Tatanka please contact our office at:

“Pilamia Yelo” Thanks!

God Bless, “Tatanka”


Tatanka Ruthless Aggression Action Figure