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Standing Strong

"Hau Kola" Hello! To start off with I would like to thank all the continued supporters of not only NATIVETATANKA.COM but also mostly to all the continued supporters that email me personally every day and that I also meet in person with many words that I appreciate and value. Forgive me for the long overdue update to my personal home page commentary. Of course I have been very busy and have as always been keeping my eye on the return to the squared circle full time!

I want to thank all the fans that attended my most current wrestling appearance on June 10th, 2005 in upstate New York. As always I thank you for your continued strong support. For the fans there that attended they know 100% that I'm ready and have not lost one step in the ring. I give all that thanks to God Almighty! Of course I do the natural things of working out every week Monday to Friday, which includes weight workouts for an hour to an hour and a half and cardio with mostly running for 30 minutes everyday. I follow a strict diet 6 days a week with one day that I reward myself if I choose on Sundays. Again overall I thank God because I have not lost a step and the fans on June 10th, 2005 know that to be the fact! The nineties were alive in 2005!

Being on the road the week of June 6st, 2005 was also great because not only the fans but also wrestlers themselves that show appreciation and value for the years of the early nineties to mid late nineties. Of course WWF and now WWE has created the world of Professional Wrestling and developed it into a viable and noted business. In the same fact it is an honor to be part of the nineties and what wrestling was just a very short time ago.

Christiana, Rhea, & newborn son Joseph
Since my last commentary my family has grown. I have my oldest daughter Christiana who is 9, my second daughter Rhea who will soon be three, and my most recent addition Joseph my son who was born early part of 2004. Joseph is the prince of the family! I'm truly blessed to have three beautiful and healthy growing children. Now you know where some of my busy time is spent, with my own Tribe!

Things have been going very well for my family and I but there have been many times where I have made a stance along with my family supporting the decision. For all of you out there you will find when you make a decision for what is truly right and something that involves more than just you and your family there will be opposition that appears to oppose you. It never changes but those that succeed are the ones willing to follow the path that has been clearly given to fulfill true destiny in one's life, what we are all called to do. If you allow, the path to a more fuller and prosperous life in all things is waiting for anyone who decides to choose it!

Tatanka's first son Joseph

A known businessman worldwide that I know in whom is very successful always talked about when we had conversations that the leaders of today and yesterday are always the ones that are willing to go opposite the direction of what the majority is following. Of course it involves great faith and a willingness to go against the grain but your reward can be great by these types of decisions.

I want to close by saying, as always you will see me full time one day at the proper time as the Native American Tatanka in the squared circle! Now until then I'm ready and focused on the path that I believe has been chosen for my family and I. Remember, there are many worldwide that have defeated obstacles and hindrances in their lives to enjoy the many joys and benefits that come from faith and a desire to win. Always believe you have been created to do great things and those things will come to you in the proper timing as always through the eyes of faith! Lastly I would like to say as always thank you the fans for the great support you have shown and given by words over the years. Also in closing the majority of the fans enjoy the message boards that we allow positing to but there is always that minority that the majority also does not appreciate that wants to act and show their wisdom. Please be responsible and remember always what you give out will also come to you, 100% truth.

God bless and "Pilamia Yelo", Thank you!