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Great Things Ahead

Let me start off by saying hello to all of you and thank you for your continued support of I know most of you have been wondering where I have been over the last few months because of my home page not being updated. Of course for those of you who know I have been traveling and doing shows throughout the United States with most of them being on the East Coast since November 2002. I've been involved with The Seminole Tribe of Florida as far as wrestling shows throughout their several reservation lands and have been involved with I.W.S. of Phil., PA on several shows in Philly. I currently have talks with several organizations concerning tours to Australia, Hawaii, Italy, Ireland and The U.K.

My biggest venture and the reason I have not updated my site is due to some very important meetings I had on November 13th and 14th of 2002 last year. As all of my fans that have followed me faithfully know that I have never held back about my faith in God and His plans in my life since leaving the World Wrestling Federation in mid 1996. Even though I had great success on the indy market it was not my true desire to stay there because I knew there was a bigger plan for my life. As far as you the fans; wrestling on the indy market never gave you the opportunity to be able to see me because all the events I did except for a few that did Pay Per View or local T.V. were only local shows that were not televised. Of course I have seen a lot of you all throughout the world with my travels but theres nothing like being on television on a consistent basis for you the fan and also me.

All I can say to you all at this point is I have had some unbelievable and awesome things happen to me since of November 2002 that will put me in a spot that all of you will be able to see that when you have faith in God and trust your heart and believe that you can accomplish great things then you WILL receive just that! I have been very busy on business meetings daily and also traveling back and forth to meetings to lay out my plans to fulfill what is now mine from God's hand. These plans will truly be a blessing to millions of people and literally change the world in two different business ventures. For all of you that have supported me and believed in me you will soon realize that in times of our lives we attach ourselves to certain individuals that through their lives they will become a true inspiration and hope for all of us! I thank you and I look forward to exposing these plans in the right timing! God bless and I wish the best for all of you in your personal and business lives!

"Pilamia Yelo" 
Thank you and God bless!