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Tatanka catches 70 lb. Sailfish
The UK And A Little Fishing

"Hau Kola" Hello my friends and I wish you all the best in your everyday lives and hope you are achieving the desires of your hearts. It has been a very busy last 2 months and to all you fans out there who have all e-mailed please wait for my responses because I will respond but I received a ton of e-mails and of course taking time to get thru them all. Like always I appreciate the great response to my online home and want to thank all the fans for your great support. I have to give to the fans in the United Kingdom a big shout or better yet a big war cry for the awesome support and crowd response at all the events in the United Kingdom. It sure is nice to hear fans reacting with such great excitement especially with what you do is for the fans so when they leave they have seen a match that was enjoyable not only to them but also to me. As a wrestler or any athlete in any given sport you want to know that you have given a 100% to your fans, yourself, and of course number 1 God who has given us all the talents and gifts we possess.

Our tour to The United Kingdom started out with a stop in New York, which I took my family down to Times Square in Manhattan and of course had to make my visit to The WWF New York Restaurant. We also visited some other great restaurants and spots in Times Square and got to meet of course many of the great and loyal fans of the WWF in The New York Area. After leaving Manhattan we made our way back to Kennedy Airport for our tour to The United Kingdom. My tour in the United Kingdom was a great success with a full month of wrestling everyday and even a double shot on one day with two events in the same day. On the tour was three names you should notice; one being Al Green "The Dog" formally of WCW, Joe Legend formally of ECW and WWF, and also PN News formally of WCW. Between these three we really had some great main event matches and averaged between 25-42 minutes per night as far as wrestling time in the ring. Needless to say this was a great conditioning tour for those that needed to get in shape and also a great check for me to let me know I am ready for bigger and better things. 

After a great month of touring and work I decided to bring my family to Paris, France. For those of you who have not visited Paris you must go. It is full of exciting things to do and loaded with attractions all throughout the city. The Eiffel Tower was awesome just like seeing the original Mona Lisa Painting in The Louvre Museum. The Museum itself will take you 2-3 days alone to see everything; it actually covers city blocks. The weather was awesome with beautiful sunny days and awesome French restaurants with the best food in the World. Paris is a city that is very Americanized and great for any tourist at heart that loves history and the romance of Paris, France. After a great vacation in Paris we headed back to the United Kingdom for a few days of relaxation with friends before our return to The United States. 

We returned to the states on July 3rd and was home by early evening. There is nothing better than the United States and your home. We who all live in The United States have so much to be thankful for and so much opportunity for success and happiness in life. God has truly blessed this great nation and we need to give him thanks for all that we have! After a few days at home I was on the road again with a tour in Wisconsin, which was also, a great success with about 2,500 people at the event and their largest crowd so far after all the years of running this same event. I returned to Florida finally with a sense of mind that work was now over and it was time for a vacation in The Keys of Florida with my family and church members.

If you haven't been to The Keys you must go because it is truly a relaxing and peaceful time with great sun, water, food, and many things for you and the family to do throughout your stay. This was our annual church summer camp meeting and the second year in The Keys. If you want a beautiful and private island resort visit Hawks Cay in Duck Key, Florida at One of our great events at this camp meeting we scheduled was to charter two boats for a full day of fishing in The Keys, which is one of the best places to fish in the world. It was a beautiful sunny and calm day for fishing. The day started off perfect with us catching enough live bait for two days of fishing. Shortly after pulling off 32 miles offshore we landed a big school of Mahi Mahi, which is also known as Dolphin. We could not get them on board quick enough and shortly started filling up the boat with Mahi Mahi. We got into a few other schools and landed many fish but the highlight of the day was me catching a Sailfish which is very similar to a Marlin and also one of the partners on my boat from also my church got a White Marlin which took him almost 2 hours to get on board after being down as low as 1200 feet. The Sailfish is only seen at winter and the White Marlin was only caught once a year but never in history in The Keys has both been caught on the same day by the same boat. By the end of the day we had caught over 300 pounds of Mahi Mahi filets and of course the two trophy fish and the captain and first mate could not believe the day we all had fishing and of course it gave them big bragging rights that day and many days afterwards for the only charter boat to catch a Sailfish and White Marlin the same day! Needless to say God blessed us that day and of course blessed even those around us with an awesome day of fishing. 

After our awesome vacation in The Keys we returned home and planned of course a big fish grill at our home for all the church members. We had so much fish we all ate to our heart's desires and everyone who wanted some took Mahi Mahi home with them. Even after all those people at our house we still had Mahi Mahi for my family afterwards. It was an awesome time rejoicing about the awesome things going on in all of our life's and of course thanking God for such an awesome day of fishing and be able to have so much fish we could schedule an event for all of us to get together again and enjoy life and each other's company. I finished the month of July off with wrestling events in Indiana and Illinois. The event at Illinois was a big event with many top former WWF Stars such as Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Real Doink Matt Borne, Hawk of LOD, Bushwackers, and Greg Valentine. Also at this event were the monster trunks of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock and of course a large crowd which made the event a great success. 

Today is the 31st of July and I am preparing for my return to the big time and television. I have taken the month of August off for meetings and talks about my return but I assure you 100% The Native American Tatanka is returning very soon now. I must let you know now that my e-mail account will not be open for all answered e-mails due to the 1000s of e-mails a day would make it impossible for me to prepare for my return or even wrestle when I return to the big screen. I will have contact e-mails but only for serious business inquires only and not just to chat or answer questions. I hope I have shown you all my heart by answering all your e-mails personally over the last few years. Many of you fans have stated that I was the only one to answer personally on the e-mails sent by fans. Again I want to thank you for your support and I assure the loyal fans of Tatanka that you will have big things to cheer about in the coming days and months to come. God has by His hand set my return and the road that is to follow for His glory and honor and believe me God will always out do what you can do and do things that are impossible for man but only possible for Him and His Son Jesus!

"Pilamia Yelo" - Thanks,