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"Pilamia Yelo"
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Tatanka in snowy Canada
As usual I'm busy with my career with not only shows but also personal appearances and new business ventures coming my way. My last commentary discussed my United Kingdom Tour, which turned out to be not only a busy tour with 52 shows out of 60 days but also a very successful one for me personally. One of my latest tours took me to the north and far west into the lands of Canada. I visited the city of Winnipeg, which was also a stop for the WWF a few times a year and the buildings were always packed with loyal and excited fans. This tour consisted of 3 shows which two of the three were on Native American Reservations and both of those events were pretty much sold out to capacity. The weather was definitely not what most Floridians would like but coming from a four season state most of my childhood and college days the 80 below 0 weather with snow did not affect me like most of the locals thought at first it would have. Guess it's just that native blood that can handle 80 below weather! The whole tour was a great success and I plan on returning soon to the Winnipeg area for more shows soon. During my visit we taped TV and signed a deal that will bring Professional Wrestling with a lot of Native Americans on the cards to all the Native Tribes throughout Canada and possibly into the United States.

One of my recent events is one that I have been doing now for years and also being involved in larger and greater measures today, which was The Seminole Tribe of Florida and their yearly Pow Wow honoring the grandmother of The Seminoles Ruby Tiger Osceola who turned 106 this year. It involved a very large Pow Wow with tribes from all over the world. There where many venders there with original Native American Arts and Crafts and also great native food and clothing. If you are ever in the Florida area during the month of March you must check out their event in Tampa, Florida yearly. It is an awesome event to see our culture and understand truly the beliefs and values the Native American's hold true to their hearts. As for me it was a great event to see many of my fans there and have them come by my official booth at The Pow Wow.

Tatanka with dancers @ PowWow
Native American drummers & singers
I also had an opportunity just the last week of March to see Hulk Hogan and be able to speak to him about his great success currently at the WWF. Hulk Hogan was hosting along with Howard Franklin and their families a political party for our newest wrestler becoming politician whom is doing and will do an awesome job. His name is Brian Blair known as The Killer Bee Tag Team in WWF during the Red and Yellow Hulkster Days. He's running for County Commissioner of Hillsborough County so any of you who live in that area get out and meet Brian Blair and see why he is the definite number 1 choice for the job. Along with many meetings with The Seminoles on other events coming up such as The Indian and Gaming Casino Convention which is this month and I will be appearing at I'm also finalizing a big event which will be held in Atlantic City on June 22nd and will be a Pay Per View event with many big names and big backing to ensure a great success. This company will also be doing Pay Per View events in many international waters and starting with Taiwan probably in late July 2002. I'm excited because it will give all you loyal Tatanka fans an opportunity to be able to see me if you haven't seen me live in your town over the last several months or years. I will post more info about this event on my site, as we get closer to the event. Even with all the events going on in the world today looks like I will be running a tour myself back to Saudi Arabia for the third time. It has always been a great event and this promises even bigger things and I will keep you all updated as I always do on all my upcoming tours and all my moves in the professional world of wrestling.
Wrestling With God Book
"Wrestling With God" includes such Superstars as The Million Dollar Man, Sting, Tully Blanchard, Nikita Koloff, Hector Guerrero, B.Brian Blair and many more. This book contains 10 Chapters with 10 Superstars and their life in wrestling and also their personal life's. Read the truths behind many of these great Superstars and how God made a major impact in all of our life's. The book is receiving world wide distribution at many Retail Outlets such as Media Play, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Mardel, Soon to Come to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club, Family Christian Stores and Waldenbooks by order only for now. Click here to get a copy for yourself. This project took over one year and is filled with large chapters on each individual along with photos and contact information of the Superstars. One thing I am very happy about is the author Chad Bonham and Publishing Company decided to start the book off with my story because of the great impact it gives the book and the reader so Do Not Miss Out on this one because it is going strong already and promises to be very a successful book! 

"Pilamia Yelo" 
Thank you and God bless!