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Tatanka Voted #1 For Best Overseas Wrestler in The United Kingdom

I would like to thank all the fans of The United Kingdom and Europe along with the Company WrestleCall UK that was responsible for the award and vote count. A special thank you to Big Papa T at for letting me know the news from overseas. "Pilamia Yelo" Thank you and God bless! 

"Hau Kola" Hello My Friends! I hope your Christmas holidays and New Years was all you wished for them to be. Now it's a New Year and 2002 to be exact and I hope all is going well in your new year so far. Remember I spoke in December to slow down enjoy your family, loved ones, and the great season the Christmas holidays brings and to focus on all the blessings you have and the things you should be thankful for but also look at the new year as a time for new beginnings and change in your personal and business lives. Time moves on as we all know and if you do not know you will soon find out time does not stop for anyone so enjoy to the fullest what you have been given. Don't waste it on foolish things like drugs, partying all the time, taking advantage of ones you love and also your friends, and all the things out there in this world to only bring you down in time and lead to only despair and bottom line to take valuable time away from your greatest gift which is life itself.

Don't get me wrong; we all make mistakes, even the best of us but the real winners are the ones who get up from their mistakes and turn things around and use what they learned from their experiences to grow and become more successful in life personally and also be in a position to be able to reach out and help others with your wisdom. Make the most of your 2002 and go out and achieve great things for yourself, your family and loved ones and never let anyone tell you that you can not do it because that is only the negative opinions of the world and if you believe it that is all that counts and with a faith in God above "All Things Are Possible" with Him!

Tatanka by Monument of William Wallace
My wrestling tour of The United Kingdom was a great success again but definitely a lot of work with about 50 shows in the 60 days we were there. We covered the whole United Kingdom from city to city with even some shows going into Scotland, which I had been at before of course for the WWF. We had a little free time during the day before one of our shows that night in Scotland and planned to visit the home and Monument of William Wallace where they filmed the famous movie "Braveheart" starring Mel Gibson. What a day of history to go across the fields of Scotland where William Wallace fought and lead his people and country to FREEDOM. In that part of the world make sure if you go to never say a bad word about William Wallace because they take that very serious and he is a true hero to his country and people. As we all know he gave his life for what he believed in and fought for and as the movie showed the English did cut up his body and put it in different parts of the country to act as a fear tactic but it only brought them together stronger to overcome them in battle for their final freedom. I was blessed to be there and to be able to see all that history and to hear the true story of a great warrior and something that he fought for and moved a country to believe in which was their FREEDOM.

Also during one of our few days off we visited Liverpool, England to visit the world known Cavern Club, which hosted many rock and roll stars but at the top of that list is The Beatles, which began their career at The Cavern Club. The picture posted on my website is the stage where the Beatles played and where many stars of today have played at including Paul McCartney just a few weeks prior to us being there. In the photo with me is Joe Gomez aka Thunderheart in the wrestling world.
Tatanka in The Cavern where The Beatles played
Also some of the stars that appeared at The Cavern Club is The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Jimmy Page, The Who, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Moody Blues, Temptations, Robert Palmer, Joe Crocker just to list a few. Another great opportunity to be at a place with such great history and it was very obvious that this place dedicated their success to The Beatles. There are many monuments there outside of the club to The Beatles and all through the streets in that area such as small Platinum and Gold Albums on The Wall, Statues of The Beatles, statues of people they sang about in some of their biggest hits, and many stores that sell Beatle Souvenirs all throughout Liverpool. It was definitely history and something to remember even more when we found out just weeks later after the visit to The Cavern Club that George Harrison had passed on. That was something to be in England at that time and also staying just across the water of Liverpool where they came from and where they became mega stars world-wide. It was a great loss to Liverpool and fans of The Beatles everywhere.

Well I hope you all have enjoyed my last few months of touring and some of the interesting things that went on while on the road. I am beginning my planning for 2002 with shows beginning in Winnipeg, Canada at the end of January and speaking to many promoters about shows world-wide again but fans my eyes are set on returning to TV and it is time! I know I have been speaking it here for the last few months but I promise you I am returning and it is a timing factor involved here. For all you Tatanka fans I would hope by know that you know me and know I would not pull your legs or simply to say lie to you about my return but God is making the way and I follow Him faithfully even when at times I do not understand but when you understand God has the best for you then you wait patiently because you know He is greater than you and WILL BRING TO PASS WHAT HE SAYS. I WILL RETURN. Just follow me here at to keep up with all the latest and invite you all to become a Tatanka Tribal Member which will involve matches of me at the WWF with some of the greatest Superstars of the WWF, private chat room, your own personal e-mail address to Tatanka which only comes to me and only answered by me, three 8x10 photos personally signed, and discounts on Tatanka merchandise that is definitely coming soon! Until next time "Pilamia Yelo" Thank you and God bless!