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Tatanka in Seminole Patchwork & with tomahawk
WWE RAW Editorial & Focus On A WWE Return

"Hau Kola" Hello! I want to express to all of you my continued thanks and appreciation for all the support you have shown since my appearance on "Monday Night Raw" at The Mohegan Sun Casino on August 1st, 2005. It has and still is a very humbling and thankful experience for my family and I. All the emails, web postings, letters to WWE and myself along with all the visits to NATIVETATANKA.COM have been simply an overwhelming experience for my family and I. Again, I thank you for your kind words and great support you have shown by action.

m very thankful to announce NEW INFORMATION for you the fans. I will be highlighted in the upcoming 2005 October issue of WWE RAW Magazine hitting the newsstands this month on September the 20th. My editorial story will be the first story in this publication under the section titled "Where Are They Now". I want to thank WWE RAW Publications and everyone who was involved in my editorial story. I also want to express a sincere thanks to Mr. Brian Solomon who conducted the interview. My sincere thanks also to Mr. Vince McMahon and Mr. Shane McMahon.

To close I'm focused on a WWE return. You the fans have shown your appreciation of the character of Tatanka and in whom I am every day, a proud American with Native blood. I assure you Tatanka is ready for battle! I will update you all at the proper time but in the meantime do not forget to get your copy of the 2005 October issue of WWE RAW Magazine hitting the newsstands on September 20th. Until my next update, "Pilamia Yelo" Thanks.

Chris Chavis "Tatanka"