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Tatanka WWE Photo with Lakota War Paint

Reflecting on 2006 & Return to WWE

"Hau Kola" Hello! To start off with I would like to thank all the continued supporters of not only this website, but also the continued supporters who email me or who I have met in person, offering their words of support.  Forgive me for the long overdue update to my personal home page commentary. 2006 was definitely an exciting, and busy year for me and my family as I made my official return to WWE. One of the highlights, aside from my return, which has been an incredible blessing, was my initiation into the Lakota tribe. I am still very humbled, and honored to be a Lakota member. I went through several rituals on my path to becoming a Lakota. Some of those included the Inipi Purification Ceremony and the Sacred Hunka Ceremony where a new member is welcomed into the tribe. I also started another website for my fans in 2006 which is hosted by To visit my MySpace Page Click Here.

This new site allows me the opportunity to be more interactive with you, the fans. I hope you'll check it out. WWE has released my new action figure, "Tatanka Ruthless Aggression Action Figure #23". You can find them at most stores in your local areas, and at

I believe 2007 will prove to be even better than the last. Look for me in the squared circle Friday Nights on WWE Smackdown, as I've suffered many grave injustices in the ring during the weeks since my return. Just like my people have for many hundreds of years, and still are. Therefore, I have called upon the spirits of my forefathers, and they have awakened a new warrior, a revengeful warrior. I will not stand for the discrimination and prejudice towards my people, and vow to get revenge for the years of mistreatment. Again, I thank you all for your kind words and awesome support that you have shown. Keep those emails coming! I may not be able to respond to all of them due to my busy schedule, but I enjoy reading them when I do get the chance. Until my next update,

"Pilamia Yelo" Thanks!

Chris Chavis "Tatanka"