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Yokozuna...A Great Champion And Friend

As I sit here in my office at the computer late Thursday night on the 26th of October I just can't believe that Rodney Anoai; my friend and co-worker has left this world and will no longer be with us. Yoko was a person that when you became his friend he would give from his heart because that was Rodney. Not only did he give from his heart but also he gave from his ability to become one of the greatest Superstars and champions of the World Wrestling Federation! His ability in the ring as a big man was best by far and every time he went out through the curtains of The World Wrestling Federation you could feel the excitement and change in the air that Yoko created.

Just thinking about Rodney I remember the time him and some of the other guys on tour came over to my house for lunch because we were wrestling in Tampa, Florida that night. We sat around and talked about our business and just laughed and joked about certain things. Yoko was always the one that always seemed to love being around the business and having the boys as his friends. His presence will be greatly missed among those that had become his close friends. I was just asked today what were the greatest matches that Yoko and me had and I would have to say without a doubt one night in Madison Square Garden for the title and the other night in Montreal, Canada in a Cage Match. Both nights have been and will always be even remembered more because it was a time that I shared with my friend Rodney Anoai.

I was just with Rodney during the month of July in Saudi Arabia on tour and have been speaking to him by phone a lot lately. He called me right before he left for London. I really enjoyed seeing Yoko at that time since it had been a while since we had seen each other and it gave us a chance to get close again after time and also to spend time personally talking about other things than just wrestling. As I sit here now I thank God for allowing me that opportunity to see Rodney again. It would be so much harder to handle if we hadn't got together again like we had in the last 6 months. You know talking about the great matches and moments really don't matter; what would really mean something if Yoko was really here today! 

Life is precious and a special gift from God; know and realize that! Make the most of your time with your loved ones and friends and go out in life to make a difference that is greater than you! I send out all my deepest sympathy to the immediate family and relatives of Rodney Anoai. I have spoken to some of you and I pray that God strengthens you and gives you peace, which only he can at this time. May God Bless you in your time of need!