Is wrestling really the star life it seems to be; let’s see as we go on tour with Tatanka for 2 months!

“Hau Kola” Hello my friends! Welcome to “Tatanka’s Pow Wow”. Before I go any further, I want to let you all know the new addition to which we are announcing that within days you will be able to watch video matches on my site of some of my best matches while in the WWF including such greats as Shawn Michaels and myself at Wrestlemania at Caesar’s Palace for the Intercontinental Title, Yokozuna (WWF Champion), and other greats included such as The Steiner’s, Lex Luger, IRS, Million Dollar Man, etc. Don’t miss one of the few if not the only site to be able to watch actual matches of myself and other Superstars of the WWF.

Well it’s almost been 2 months since my last commentary but it has only been due to the extreme schedule I have been on for the last 2 months. Wrestling Planet.Com thought it would be great for me to write on my current tour and to let all you fans know about the business behind the scenes of our so called star life. Yes; our business is definitely filled with Superstars but never forget or think it comes without paying a price. Yes; you can earn a 7 digit income and retire from wrestling financially free if you make the right financial moves but still success comes with hard work, determination, not giving up and bottom line paying a price for the title of being a Superstar. Before getting into my current tour and meetings I had before leaving the states on my return to TV let’s talk about the price that many of the current stars you see today on TV paid to finally become the Superstars they are today. Today there are to many people getting into wrestling without paying the price or having the respect for the business like those Superstars who learned the old school style of wrestling which mainly is paying a price to call yourself a Professional Wrestler and then of course you learn the respect of the business and your co-workers. You know before I got involved in the business in 1990-1991 there were guys that worked for years for $25.00 a night which included wrestling, helping to set up the ring, and also driving sometimes 300-400 miles just for one show then go to bed wake up and do it all over again. Superstar life; yea right! But we all forget to easily and in some cases many do not know that good things and great things come only over time through hard work, learning and perfecting your trade, and a lot of faith in yourself and if you believe putting all your faith in someone greater than you being God himself to help you in your dreams and goals. I was fortunate enough to start out my first and only year on the indy’s before getting signed to WWF at a company that was doing TV’s and had money backing but there where days after some partners stole money from this company that we worked for less than what we where use to with some long drives included. Today up and coming talent is looking for the quick rode to success but without a foundation your building WILL FALL over time.

Out on the road of Professional Wrestling is the real test and hard work in our business. I remember how many times Undertaker now known as The American Bad Ass and myself would love to hear and relate to the song “Turn The Page” by Bob Seger while driving up and down the roads of America and international countries. He sings about being on the road again and the experiences and performing on stage. Let’s take for example my current tour in The United Kingdom, which has included work weeks of 5-7 shows per week with some weeks going for two weeks straight before having a day off. The business is good in The United Kingdom currently and a great opportunity to work a lot and make a lot of money or in some cases with talent that does not work often to get in shape and improve on their ring abilities. I was here in June for 1 month, which we worked almost every day and had big houses and great matches but this tour will be almost 2 months by the ending date and my return to the states. If you want to be top talent in our business most have to be in great shape today to fit the look the big companies are looking for which involves training on the road at different gyms, eating healthy while on the road, and in our cases we have bases located by Liverpool, England which we can buy groceries and cook at the home but it takes time for the shopping and preparation of the meals but it is the price you pay to eat good and healthy so you look the part and also be able to perform in the ring. Other tasks might include tanning, treatment for injuries, shopping for items such as vitamins and personal items, and at times making repairs to your outfits when doing so many shows in a 2 month period. On this tour, we have even had double shots where we perform two shows in one day just like the WWF did for many years. After all this don’t forget the 2-3 hours min. drive both ways on the road with many lasting 5 hours one-way. Being a Superstar also comes along with involvement with your fans when out and about but it always seems with the spare time you have each person always wants to talk to you which is understandable but with each person it is always the same questions time in and time out while still being on a schedule that involves planned timing each day so by the ending of the day you are where you are suppose to be which is in front of your fans performing. The real professionalism comes with being nice to all your fans in the time frame you have and not getting upset with the same questions or people not understanding what our day really consists of. After all this then it is time to get to the real business at hand and what many fans think is our only responsibility; the wrestling match itself. Are you ready to become a Professional Wrestler yet?

The exciting things we do are performing in front of crowds and sometimes the places we visit on tour and the people we meet. One place I enjoyed this tour was visiting William Wallace’s Castle in Scotland and where they filmed the movie about him called “Braveheart” by Mel Gibson. It was something to see the history of William Wallace and what he stood for and died for and to see his actual sword which was over 5 feet in itself. Yes our business is definitely great and can give you many rewards but not without hard work, consistency, time away from loved ones and family, hotel rooms, living out of bags, and doing what it takes every day to be at your best. At times it seems to be all work and no fun but the real fun and success is providing for yourself, your family if you have one, the successes that wrestling brings in your personal life and business life, and being able to call your own shots and retire early financially free. Being free just like William Wallace cried with his last words “FREEDOM” is the key and reward of all your hard work. As far as my return I have promised my fans I will return to TV and I will! Before leaving the states, I had an official meeting with all the executives of the new promotion XWF out of Universal Studios in Orlando, Fl and they want me involved for sure and they have made announcements in Fl. using my name on the radio releases but I also spoke to WWF before leaving so my Dec and Jan will be filled with decisions and talks on my return. I spoke to Hogan for several weeks and months leading up to the opening of XWF and they definitely ensure big things! Make sure to visit to see our newest addition of video matches of me at the WWF with many Superstars you now see on TV.

Like always “Pilamia Yelo” Thank you and until next time peace and God bless!

TatankaIs wrestling really the star life it seems to be; let’s see as we go on tour with Tatanka for 2 months!

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