It Is Time To Be United

First of all let me start by saying “Hau Kola” Hello my friends and welcome again to Tatanka’s Pow Wow! Visit me at my online home at to get the latest news on my return to TV in the very near future. It is always a pleasure to be able to reach out, share my thoughts with you, and hopefully in some way touch your lives for the better. You can either be a person that wants to discourage, be negative, not supportive, and simply just tear down people, which in reality is doing evil or choose to edify, encourage, build up, comfort and in it’s own reality to do good. We all have our own free will but I choose myself to do good and also to speak truths to you all. As you seen with my first essay just a few weeks ago I talked about when you reach a level of success not only financially but also a life of fame your real job is not only to enjoy life all by yourself or with your family but to give of yourself to others so you can make a difference and change in people’s lives. Now being a person that has acquired success and fame I would hope you guys are tired of the movie stars, singers, and even Pro Wrestlers that you know do not even really care about their fans at all but only in their own agenda. It is a time for all that are more fortunate than others to help those that need help and also less fortunate. As I have stated, when you have much, then much is required of you! Do not allow your talents and blessings to be only for me, myself, and I all the time. This is why I call my essay’s Tatanka’s Pow Wow because we are setting around the campfire just like my ancestors and Native’s today discussing wisdom with the Tribal Council Members.

Well we as a Nation and world know the great tragedy to The United States of America in New York, Washington, Pennsylvania and even all over the world on September 11, 2001 and how it affected each and every person’s life’s worldwide. The few days after this tragic event I watched people who I saw every day walk around in total loss of words and very confused. The world has been affected in a major way and it will never be the same again. We have seen all the visions of The World Trade Centers as they were attacked on Tuesday and the vision is simply as we spoke earlier “Works of Evil” and a great loss of life for no reason at all. You have to know this is Evil. Many Americans are walking around trying to find the answer to why so let’s discuss why. I would like to ask all of you who have faith and believe in God to pray for the families that have lost loved ones because it is their greatest time of need. Pray also for our President and the leaders around him to have wisdom and guidance for their response to the freedom of our country. Lastly pray for the rescue workers both in New York and Washington to have strength and hope as they continue to seek for life and evidence for the Intelligence Agency’s. Make no mistake about it; We Are At War.

You have seen our leader President Bush for those of you viewing this in America state that this is evil and it has come against a country that resembles freedom and the land of opportunity. We represent a life of justice and fairness to humans worldwide and just simply we try our best to do good. As Bush Stated “Good Will Overcome Evil”. Why would someone do this? Now this is my opinion but I will tell you I take the time to learn the truth and I’m not a person just making a statement without knowledge and also acquiring wisdom before speaking because we are all responsible for what we say to others. The groups of people that have come against us are people that believe that this country is a country that serves The Devil. They feel we are The Devil. Now let me get one thing straight right now. I’m not coming against any faith or belief but only exposing the truth and also making a statement that we all know that the people that did this think they were serving their God and by doing this they we’re going to Heaven and also getting rewards for it. The God I know which is the One and Only God never brings evil upon what he created and loves. It says in the Bible that there is no evil in him and that everything that is evil comes from the Devil and that only good comes from God above. Never blame God because he only wants good for all of us. To make it simple in lay man’s terms; he calls us his father and just like us as a father to our children we only want to do good for them. On the other hand, though there is a source of evil as the Bible calls it “The Devil” and he works through people to get his agenda done throughout the world.

This great nation has become and been the super power of the world. But with all our success and great wealth and freedom we got complacent with our success. To understand something we must start with the beginning of this great nation. When The Declaration of Independence was written, it was by all God fearing men who put their trust in God. Just look at our money, which proves it, it states in God We Trust! This country was built on Christian principles and because of that God blessed this great nation and made it the super power it is. That is how God works, he blesses us greatly when we honor him but on the other hand he will also allow us to destroy ourselves when we turn from Him and go on our own way and get full of pride and think we are untouchable. Has this country really trusted in God since that time or have we got off the road with God? I think you all know that answer but we have become so individual with our own opinions and groups with their own rights and seeking for wrong things instead of the truth. We have allowed so many things that have been passed in law and everyday life that people do that God simply calls sin and rebellion to Him in his word. If you take a step back and look you will see the truth now because this country had gotten very liberal and it didn’t matter what you did as long as it made your money without an regard to human life or kindness to other human beings or most of all even if it was right or wrong. Think of all the hate between people and how people would just not open up to others worldwide. Differences between White, African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Jewish, Middle East Nations, and on and on. As Rev. Billy Graham stated, “It is time for revival in America and we need it.”

Now if you do not believe me so far I will make you a believer now. Look at all the events that have happened since this major tragedy on Tuesday. This world and The Americans have come together in a way we have never seen before. People all over the world have united together no matter what color or race or what faith or belief they have. The Congress and Senate have all united no matter what their political parties are. The allies and the world have also united with us in sorrow and also in war against this great Evil. People have united together when we could have gone the other way and just fell apart. The first thing our leaders did along with the guidance of our President was to turn to God and now worldwide churches are filled more than they have ever been and now it is OK to talk about God on TV when before you could not do that because it was wrong and it could get you fired. Thank God we have a President that truly fears God now in office because without that we could have been in real trouble. Funny how things have turned around instantly in such a major tragedy and loss of precious life. You see God always knows what will happen and He says in His word that He takes what the Devil meant for bad and he turns it into good. He will allow things because He gives us free will because He loves us but he will take that situation and turn it around for good if we turn to Him and call on Him. Now what has happen with our leaders and this world? For the first time in many years now Sunday mornings are busy just like a week day morning. You will see because we have turned to God and humbled ourselves before Him that He will give us victory over our enemies. This battle will be great for us because we will have victory and this country will be stronger financially, spiritually, politically, protection from any enemies, and of course be united in a way that our eyes have not seen so far until now. This is proof of an Almighty God working for the good of us all because no man could have made this happen with what we have seen after this great tragedy.

Now is the time for us all to unite together and stay together no matter what color, faith, or beliefs we have. We are at war and there is no wrong in war with God as long as our hearts are for what we believe in which are freedom, family, and land of opportunity and that we do not go into war for only revenge. There are many times in the Bible where God instructed his people in war against His and His people’s enemies. He also gave his people great victory over His enemies just like He will do now! We must all play our part as proud Americans standing for freedom and the American way of life and be united with our government, military, and leaders. One of the greatest faults of ours is to give our own opinion at this time about things that do not matter at all but only because we want to express our disapproval of this or that. I have seen a few that even with this great tragedy are still focusing on what they like and what they do not like about our President or what we are doing. Wow are they missing what is happening right in front of their eyes. We are at war and you better support the cause because if we didn’t fight for our freedom we would end up having no freedom at all and only live in fear and hopelessness forever. The 99% of this country and world have united together but it is time for all of us to lose our own opinions of what we think is right or wrong or either believable or not and just simply be what we are which is Americans living in a free country. This country has given us all and even the world a life full of freedom and right to live a life that you choose and it is time for us to give back to it by our 100% unconditional support of our country and it’s leaders. We have always stood for peace but now as Bush stated, “The Sleeping Giant has Now Been Awaken and We Will Rid The World of This Evil”. I thank you for this time at such a time as this in our country and history of our Nation. I challenge you to come to my tepee at and post your thoughts and cares about this tragedy in my message board area, which is to the left side menu on my home page and I will respond to you my thoughts and deeper wisdom concerning this matter. Put your trust In God, and support our great nation and leaders that are fighting for your entire way of life!

“Pilamia Yelo” Thank you and God bless!


TatankaIt Is Time To Be United

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