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Never Say Never Again!!!

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It’s time to sit around the campfire and get some words of wisdom from Tatanka. It has been stated on the inside of our business to Never Say Never in our business but even at that most guys on the inside did not believe that because like most wrestlers and most everyday people they can only believe in what they see and what they have experienced. I understand this statement because I live my life by faith and the true meaning of faith is believing in the things you hope for but are not yet seen! I am one that believes anything can happen at any moment to change your life or your destiny or the overall picture of Professional Wrestling. Well let’s prove by you the fans and the overall general opinion why to Never Say Never Again not only in wrestling but all things in life. Yes; there are some things that will never change in life but overall our life and our world can change at any moment. Take September 11th for our biggest and latest example in our world but how about Pro Wrestling.

Do you remember when WCW was still in business and WWF and WCW where really two companies who competed against each other? Do you remember the great success of The NWO, which brought them the number 1 spot eventually? Do you remember after that great success after about a year they started to become stale and WWF took the number 1 spot again? WCW continued to do good for a while but eventually they really started to fall and what they did in the ring and decisions back stage really began to stink. At that point it was the overall view that Hogan and The NWO was done and that they should move on and allow the younger talent to move into their positions and most of all that Hogan should retire. Remember that? How many fans were talking down Hogan and saying he should retire and it was because of him and The NWO and Bishoff that WCW was failing. Remember that?

Well here we go; after me spending about 8 months of talking with Hogan personally when he was involved on working on his own deal with Universal Studios he finally decided with the right deal to go to WWF. Not saying that The Universal Deal wasn’t working at the time but he had only one complication that kept him from finalizing it and closing the deal but it is still in operation but that is not the story here today. So Hogan and guess who comes to The WWF; yes The NWO who was said to be part of the destruction at WCW. Boy; who would have guessed that one! But it was a different time for The WWF and their ratings had fallen greatly and they needed something new. With all the fans saying Hogan should have retired maybe a year or more before this he comes to WWF and the ratings increase and the same fans that said he should move over and retiree are now watching to see what’s up. Being 49 or maybe even 50 most fans would not believe they would match up Hogan with the current young lion of the WWF The Rock but that is exactly what they did and now you have two icons in the ring being billed as the biggest match of all time and with all the previous events with The NWO and The Rock the stage was now set and guess what; the people are now behind it. So here comes Wrestlemania!

Not only does Hogan come back but also he is in the number 1 spot at the number 1 pay per view. Now I did not watch the pay per view myself but I have many sources on the inside of the company along with wrestlers that I know that give me the details when we talk and at the event even with all the great success of The Rock over the years they were chanting for Hogan louder and it was very clear he had more fans. But now comes the decision of what to do as a finish! Well here comes Old School thinking back and as I understood they had a great match but the finish is what topped it off. If Hogan would have just walked away and down the runway well it could have been over for Hogan but instead they did Old School thinking and Rocky tapped him on the back as he was leaving and said “HEY HOGAN; when I was a kid you were my idol and I want to see you do your thing”, which Hogan always did after his victories and at that moment they changed him from someone who was a bad guy and who had ran Rock over with an 18 wheeler to a fan favorite and hero and once again the yellow and red Hulkamania. The real proof was the next day at Raw when Hogan was in the ring he was over more than The Rock at that point. What a response from the crowd just as Jim Ross stated!

So what have we learned; NEVER TO SAY NEVER AGAIN and even though wrestling has changed over the years it shows that OLD SCHOOL IS NEEDED AND OUT DID THE NEW WWF ATTITUDE. I was just with Hogan at a special event and we talked about this same thing and as he looked at me he simply just said “OLD SCHOOL BROTHER”. That’s right! Never say never again because you could end up eating your words later! Do not look by what you see with your eyes but know at any given moment things can change and a new company can rise up and take the number 1 spot or wrestlers formally of the WWF could be the next star on TOP in the wrestling industry. There are only some things that are certain and that will never change but this business of Pro Wrestling can have a major change over night in the very near future or even tomorrow! Do not forget to visit NativeTatanka.com to get the latest on what I am doing and planning in the world of Pro Wrestling.

“Pilamia Yelo” Thank you and God bless!


TatankaNever Say Never Again!!!

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